Let’s count the ways that LABEL SETS can save your company time, money and headaches:

  • Reduce the part cost by 15-50%. (reduces setups)
  • Reduce supply chain cost. Order one part, receive in one part and inventory one part.
  • Reduce supply chain shortages (ever used two different labels on a unit and run out of one part but had plenty of the other?)

Now let’s count the ways LABEL SETS improve quality:

  • Warning/caution labels sets: Helps to ensure your product is labeled correctly because if they have a label left on the sheet there’s a problem.
  • Colors between labels are a perfect match because they are printed at the same time.

What types of labels can benefit from using LABEL SETS?

  • Polyester and vinyl warning and caution labels.
  • Polycarbonate overlays.
  • Thermal labels.

What we are really saying is that any group of labels can benefit from LABEL SETS!

Need a quote for a label set?

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