Did you know MSI can use Digital Printing and Screen Printing to create a stunning Dead Front Overlay?

Our customer Erchonia came to MSI with the idea of doing their full color digital logo on a Dead Front Overlay. MSI’s R&D Director, Razvan Datcu, worked closely with Erchonia’s engineers to create a stunning overlay that works perfectly with their unit.

Erchonia is a world leader in the field of Low Level Laser Therapy used for a number of different medical industries such as Laser Sculpting and Pain Management.

In this month’s newsletter we want to highlight this overlay where we combined

  • Digital Printing (Erchonia logo) and
  • Opaque Screen Printing (black background)

to achieve the results Erchonia was looking for.


The actual specifications are:

  • Material: .010″ Velvet/Gloss Polycarbonate
  • Adhesive: 3M467MP (selectively applied to the backside)
  • Printing: Combination of Digital and Screen Printing
  • Cutting: Digital Blade Cutting
  • Tolerances: +/- .010″

Prototype Cost: 10 pieces @ $450 lot charge, $50 setup and no tooling charge!

Plus: 1 week delivery possible in most cases!