Wish you could get more help with both the look and function of your Membrane Switches? MSI can help with both. This month we are featuring an Electronic Interface Assembly designed for a handheld device used in a high humidity environment.

The Membrane Switch above has:
  • 2 tactile keys
  • 16 discreet LEDs (11 white, 5 RGB)
  • Backlighting with 8 side-firing LEDs and LGF (Light Guide Film)
  • Bottom circuit is 1mm thick double-sided polycarbonate
  • Termination is through a single Molex connector on the back side of the polycarbonate
  • .010 Gloss Polyester Overlay has these options:
    • Selective texture on Logo
    • Two highlighted glossy keys
    • Dead-fronting inside the battery symbol area and the triangular emergency icon area (located in the semi-circle of LEDs)
  • 3M467 permanent acrylic adhesive for maximum adhesion and longevity