The label we are highlighting this month was a special project for our customer that manufacturers industrial size water heaters. They had ordered this large thermal label set for many years from another label manufacturer. Our customer printed the labels in house and applied them to a metal surface.

When the customer designed a new line of water heaters using polyethylene rather than metal as the outer skin, the labels would not stick. That is when MSI got involved. Leveraging our preferred relationship with 3M, we found a material combination that solved the problem. It was not as easy as you might think. The entire label had to be re-engineered because of the special 3M adhesive needed to adhere to the polyethylene.

Here is what we did:
• Because these aggressive adhesives are harder to process, MSI had to use a different rotary press. Being that the label is 23.5625 long, this was no easy task.
• Because the exact material/adhesive combination was not available from 3M, MSI had to add a laminate to make the labels thermal printable.
• Finally, in order to make sure that the customer could print the labels in house without issues, MSI had to adjust the material liner.

Got a tough application? Labels falling off? Color not consistent? Lead-time too long? Our label engineers are happy to fix these issues.

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