UL Labels

What you need to know about UL Labels

What does UL mean?

UL ANSI/UL 969 Marking and Labeling Systems refers to how UL will test product labels for compliance and covers adhesives, base materials, printing methods, and lamination.

There are four different levels of UL certification for product labels.

  • PGGU2 (Materials)
  • PGJI2 (Printing Material)
  • PGDQ2 (Marking and Labeling Systems)
  • PGIS2 (Limited Use)

Below we will define each of these levels of certification.


This is the highest level UL label certification for labels and requires that the label manufacturer must get the adhesive, base material, printing system, and lamination approved as a complete system. This standard is typically used for warning/danger/caution product labels that must stay legible for the full life of the product. Marking Systems Inc. is required to identify these types of labels with our UL manufacturer ID # and UL label recognition # either on the package of labels or in the roll core of the labels. Without this label on the packaging, a UL label inspector can shut down the OEM’s manufacturing line. MSI is also required to keep 75 samples of each label job run to this standard for future compliance testing by UL.


This certification requires only the material manufacturers have UL label certification on the material. The label supplier does not need to have any additional testing done on the labels. Typical labels that fall into this category are informational type labels but not warning/caution/danger labels. As you will see in the picture above, warning-type labels typically have the highest UL label certification.


This certification covers blank labels that are printed on thermal printers, typically by the OEM in their facility at the time of manufacture. This certification requires that the product label material and the thermal ribbon be UL tested for compatibility as a complete system. Information about UL approved thermal ribbons can be found here.


Marking & Labeling Systems Limited use category covers, labels, cord tags (securement strap attached or flag type), and placards that have been evaluated for compliance with requirements in specific UL end-product standards where the performance requirements are either less stringent or different than those in ANSI/UL 969, “Marking and Labeling Systems.” Their use is therefore limited to the types of products covered by those standards, such as enclosures for electrical equipment, power supply cords, or gate operators.

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