Eliminating Newton Rings

What are Newton Rings?

Newton rings are a series of concentric circles centered at the point of contact between a curved (non-flat) and a flat surface (like a touch screen).

There are three common methods to eliminate Newton’s rings in product label overlays:

  1. Leave an air gap between the product label overlay and the display screen
  2. Optically bond the product label overlay to the display screen (we typically use adhesive 3M467MPF for this)
  3. Print very fine clear dots on the back of the window in the graphic overlay

Less Common Methods

There are coated polycarbonates that have a slightly textured back surface considered to be Anti-Newton’s rings coating.

There are also small silicon balls you could spread on top of a display to perform the same function.

Marking Systems prints a pattern of small dots (method number 3 above) to remove Newton Rings.


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