How To Determine Correct Material

How To Determine Correct Material


There are basically two types of durable product labels:

  1. Sub-surface printed polycarbonate overlays and nameplates
  2. Top printed polyester or vinyl information labels

Specialty Laminates

Markwrite Polyester: Used with dry-erase markers.

  • Finish- clear gloss
  • .001 Thickness

Egrip Elastomer: Anti-skid silicone elastomer designed to prevent products from slipping or sliding.

  • Thickness-.014
  • Finish-clear with a suction grip texture

3M1150 Anti-graffiti film: As a protective overlay, this film is a barrier to staining by many types of graffiti. (spray paint, permanent markers, lipstick, etc.) It can be cleaned using selected solvent wipes.

  • .007 Thickness
  • Finish – clear gloss

Laminating Pouches: heat sealed and cold sealed.

  • Thickness-.003, .005, .007, .010
  • Comes in clear gloss and matte finish
  • Laminates both sides. Used to encapsulate badges, cards, or tags.

Screened and Liquid Clear Coat: Superior to standard polyester laminate in outdoor applications because of the UV-resistance. The Clear Coat is scratch resistant, chemical resistant, and UV rated for 7+ years. You can see our liquid laminator in action below.

1. Does the product label need to be chemical-/smear-resistant? If so:

Sub-surface polycarbonate is chemical resistant
Top printed polyester/vinyl must be laminated with a 1mil clear polyester overlaminate

2. What adhesive should I use? What surface does the product label go on?

Note: Adhesives for polycarbonate come in .002 (smooth) and .005 for (textured) surface. Adhesives for 2 mil polyester or 4 mil vinyl come in .001 (smooth) and .002 (textured) surface.

Note: Please note that any areas on the back of the label (buttons, LED’s or LCD displays) do not get adhesive behind them.

3. Temperature Resistance?

  • Polycarbonate: -40 -300F
  • Polyester: -40 -302F
  • Vinyl: -40 -176F

4. Outdoor applications? If so:

Sub-surface printed polycarbonate: Bayer UV-1 version (7 years)
2mil polyester or 4mil vinyl overlaminate: Flexcon .001 UVCG (5 years)

5. Do you need to match the bezel color?

If so, it is best to send the bezel or a piece of the bezel for matching purposes.

6. Will the product label be covering over an old label or an opening in the bezel?

If the label will be covering over old printing or a hole in the bezel please specify for additional opacity.

How to specify the three most common durable label materials:

  • Subsurface printed polycarbonate
  • 2 mil polyester
  • 4 mil vinyl

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