It is still common for OEM’s to see labels falling off their units before the product leaves the factory. In many cases as OEM’s have upgraded from wet paints to powder coat paints, they have not upgraded the adhesive on the labels. In many cases the adhesive that worked on the old wet paints (while a perfectly good adhesive) does not work on the powder coat paints.

Both Flexcon® and 3M® have solved this problem with adhesives designed specifically for powder coat paints:

3M® Solution:

  • 300LSE family of adhesives designed specifically for polycarbonate overlays and nameplates comes in both a 2mil version (smooth surfaces) and a 5 mil version (textured surfaces).
  • 3M7868 2mil white polyester with .001 adhesive and 3M7871 2mil white polyester with .002 adhesive both using 3M’s #350 family of adhesives.

Flexcon® Solution:

  • RTS (rough textured surface) adhesive comes on most of their lines of 2 mil polyesters in 2 mil version for texture surfaces.

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