Scope of the Project: Our customer was looking for a backlit nameplate with a brushed metallic look and finish. As we worked on the project light leakage became an issue that needed to be overcome.

This Month’s Rapid Prototype solves a light leakage problem. The nameplate is backlit and as you can see in the first picture the light is leaking out of the sides. Because MSI has worked exclusively for OEM’s over the last 25 years, we have experience in fixing these types of issues.
We first solved this problem for an aerospace application. By incorporating a black material on back of the nameplate, we were able to prevent the light from traveling to the sides of the label and “leaking”.

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Questions we might ask:

Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Application Surface
Temperature Range
Cleaning/Chemicals/Scratch Resistance
Production Quantity

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Specifications for this month’s label:

Material: .008“ Steel (Brushed) Autotex polyester
Adhesive: 3M467MPF
Printing: Screen print two colors: Shiny Metallic Silver and Transaparent Blue
Cutting: Digital Blade Cutting
Tolerances: +/-.01”
Delivery: 1-2 weeks ARO

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