Backlit overlay label printing can serve a variety of needs from signage and labeling to instructions and more. Backlit overlays are simple, attention-grabbing, and provide clear guidance to anyone who encounters them. Reach out to us at MSI today to learn more and get started with your prototype backlit label printing products.

Base material:  .010 FR65 Lexan

Laminate:  N/A

Adhesive:  3M467, selectively applied

Printing:  Screen Printed Colors – Off White, Red, Green, 2 passes of Opaque White and Opaque Barrier

Cutting:  Steel Rule

Tolerance:  +-.010

Price range:  100 @ $6.94, 500 @ $4.42, 1000 @ $1.55, 5000 @ $1.25, 10000 @ $1.09, Die: $175.00