Custom Texture Overlays

While the letters and other symbols on your product’s label are important, the textured appearance can play a big factor as well. The right custom texture overlay can really make your product stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Learn more about our custom overlay product label printing services at Marking Systems Inc. by contacting us today!

Base material:  .010 100% Gloss Marnot Hard Coat

Laminate:  N/A

Adhesive:  3M9471, selectively applied

Printing:  Screen Printed 4 Colors – Black, Green, White and Custom Texture Clear

Cutting:  Steel Rule

Tolerance:  +-.010

Price range:  100 @ $5.84, 500 @ $4.49, 1000 @ $1.59, 5000 @ $1.15, 10000 @ $.99, Die: $185.00