Prototype 5 - Customer Truck (Outdoor) Logo

Project Cost:  10 each of 7 versions @ $250.00 lot charge

Scope of work:  Customer was looking for a material that can withstand outgassing without bubbling or coming off. The decal also needs to be a 5-7 year outdoor durable product.

MSI recommended 3M7051SA (5 year vinyl) with #350 structured adhesive. This adhesive is designed with air channels to release outgassing for up to 48 hours after application. The structured adhesive also provides a smooth, bubble free application.

Materials and processes:
Material: 3M7051SA white vinyl, 72155SA bright silver and 3M
Laminate: N/A
Adhesive: 3M350 structured adhesive
Printing: Screen printed, 1-2 colors
Cutting: Digital Blade cut