Metallic Nameplates

When you want a nameplate that makes your product stand out that will stand the test of time, metallic nameplates are the perfect solution. Our metallic nameplates at Marking Systems provide a clean, professional look that is made to last. Get started with your prototype by contacting us at MSI today.

Base material:  .010 Gloss/Gloss Brushed Silver Polycarbonate

Laminate:  N/A

Adhesive:  3M467

Printing:  Screen Printed 4 colors – Blue, Black, Gray and White

Cutting:  Steel Rule

Tolerance:  +-.010

Price range:  100 @ $8.97, 500 @ $3.82, 1000 @ $3.18, 5000 @ $2.66, 10000 @ $2.58, Die: $265