Tamper-Evident Info Labels

When safety is your number one concern, then tamper-evident labels are an excellent way to go. Provide your clients and customers peace of mind that the product hasn’t been tampered with in any way, shape, or form. Learn more about our tamper-evident info label printing services at Marking Systems today and get started with your prototype.

Base material:  3M FMV02 Silver Void Polyester

Laminate:  .001 Gloss Polyester

Adhesive:  3M P1410

Printing:  Screen Printed 1 Color Black on Rolls

Cutting:  Steel Rule

Tolerance:  +-.020

Price range:  100 @ $2.29, 500 @ $.55, 1000 @ $.38, 5000 @ $.23, 10000 @ $.21, Die: $165.00