Thick Lenses

Use our overlay label printing services as a simple and elegant solution to label every aspect of your product with one easy component. Our thick lens overlay products are laser-cut to give you the precise fit you need for your labeling needs. See for yourself the value of our thick lens overlay label printing with a prototype from Marking Systems.

Base material:  .060 100% Gloss Duravue Hard-Coat Polycarbonate

Laminate:  N/A

Adhesive:  3M4947F VHB .045 Black

Printing:  Screen Printed 3 Colors – Black and 2 passes of White

Cutting:  Laser Cut

Tolerance:  +-.010

Price range:  100 @ $5.86, 500 @ $3.71, 1000 @ $3.36, 5000 @ $2.89, 10000 @ $2.75, Die: N/A