Transparent Inks

Corporations and product manufacturers use transparent ink overlays for a wide variety of labeling needs. To learn more about how our transparent ink product label printing services can help you, contact us today. We’ll get you started with a variety of prototypes and work with you to design an overlay that fits your specific needs.

Base material:  .010 Velvet/Gloss Polycarbonate

Laminate:  N/A

Adhesive:  3M467, selectively applied

Printing:  Screen Printed 6 Colors – White, Yellow, Blue, Gray, Black and Transparent Red

Cutting:  Steel Rule

Emboss:  Approximately .020 Ridge Emboss

Tolerance:  +-.010

Price range:  100 @ $9.45, 500 @ $5.83, 1000 @ $2.59, 5000 @ $1.89, 10000 @ $1.78, Die: $195.00, Emboss Die: $185.00