Durable Custom Product Labels, Graphic Overlays, Roll Labels & Membrane Switches. Many Fortune 500 companies like GE, ABB, Toshiba, Kone Elevators and National Instruments to name a few…

Need help finding the right material and adhesives?

Let MSI’s R&D department find the solutions to your applications.

An AS quality system is a way of life at MSI, not a marketing ploy.

Documenting process, procedure and work instructions ensure tight tolerances and repeatability.

— Specializing in Durable Product Labels for Original Equipment Manufacturers

For over 30 years MSI has partnered with OEM’s to solve the problems and frustrations associated with durable product labels.

Put simply, our team manages your labels from start to finish – Rapid prototyping, Research & Development, color management, expedites, certifications and inventory management.

You design great products… we handle the labels!

Our Certifications

Marking Systems, Inc. has been an approved UL label supplier for over 40 years. Our experts on staff will be happy to walk you through the label design process or help you obtain additional label approvals directly from UL.  Read more….

Our certifications include ISO, UL, CSA, RoHS, Reach, ITAR, PAPP’s and certificates of conformance. Click below to request additional information.

What MSI’s Customers are saying…

Thank you again so much for putting up with our last minute and asap requests!!!! You guys are the best!!    
Aura Optical
That was a nice surprise! Tell your team that we truly appreciate all their extra efforts. It's a pleasure doing business with you!
JMC Global Technologies
The lunch and learn was great!! I had a lot of positive feedback on both the presentations and the food! The engineers were impressed with the products. Thanks again for everything!
Frozen Beverage Dispensers
You are a life saver. Thank you so much!
Taylor Communications
Better than sliced bread with coffee and two creams you are Sheila.
Taylor Communications
"The screen printing and logo came out fantastic! There is the reason we always use MSI for our label and faceplate needs."
Thermo Scientific
The labels looked great. We were able to build complete models just in time, thanks again for your efforts.
"Razvan, You guys are such a pleasure to deal with!!! Thanks so much."
DuraBrite Lights
Good morning Carlos! I just received a box with my name on it and it was a nice little gift! Thank you very much for thinking of me! I look forward to working with you!
Royal Case
"I loved meeting Matt. What a quality man; he has a depth of character and I truly enjoyed our visit. The values that Matt and Greg founded MSI on are what we strive to do at Design Center Signs."
Design Center Signs
Simple words and surveys can't properly express our gratitude for the great customer service and product you provide us. Randy, you have a gift, her name is Sheila. I hope MSI treats her as well as she treats us. Thank you for the quality customer service and high quality products you provide to us. It is greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much for your help with this request.  I agree with Mia, awesome service!
"Thank you Carlos for your kindness! I truly appreciate all of your support and business."
Vendo Company
Thank you so much for the quick delivery and super good service.
"Thanks again for a great year of service! MSI has always made my job so much easier because of your dedication to your customer. I look forward to many more years of working together."
Unicom Engineering
"Thank you so much. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday as well. I greatly appreciate all the help you all have been for me and everyone here at OSS."
Michelle, Sr. Buyer
One Stop Systems
Our thanks for your Saturday work and effort to make our deadline. Demonstrating our proposals in person with our business developers is key to our product efforts.
Duke Manufacturing
THANK YOU Eddie!!! That is AWESOME !!!   I really appreciate your great service !!!!    
Tucker Auto-Mation
"I just wanted to say Thank You! We received the popcorn and really appreciate it… but I swear we should be sending you and your team the gifts. Ya’ll save us so often. It hasn’t been long but it’s really a pleasure working with you! Thank you for everything"
I wanted to personally thank you guys for rushing those slit rolls I cannot tell you how much we appreciate that. If you could give the machine guys a huge high five from us that would be awesome. Once again thank you!  
Aura Optical

Example Prototypes

New product roll outs, product updates and competition make Rapid Prototyping critical these days. MSI will help you quickly turn complicated designs into high quality polycarbonate overlays and nameplates.
Customer Testimonial- Bacharach

Customer Testimonial- Bacharach

Marking Systems flew out to Pittsburgh, PA to visit our friends at Bacharach to see why they love working with MSI so much. It’s one thing for us to explain what makes MSI stand out from the rest, but listen to what one of our most loyal clients has to say about THE...

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MSI Welcomes You to Our Home

MSI Welcomes You to Our Home

Marking Systems invites you on a tour as we guide you through Episode 1 of our 6 part tour series, "Welcome to Our Home". In this episode our owner, Greg Van Beber, gives you an exclusive look at the foundation of our home, our Art and Screen Making Departments! Come...

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On a Bright, Sunny Day in the Alamo City

On a Bright, Sunny Day in the Alamo City

Marking Systems and Marking Systems Die Cut teamed up with Frozen Beverage Dispensers (FBD) for an afternoon Lunch & Learn at their beautiful facility in San Antonio. They ate. We talked... Check out what transpired in the video below! Need help with an unusual...

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