Tight Tolerance Labels,
Overlays, Membrane Switches
And More, Custom-Designed
For Your Needs.

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Custom Label Manufacturer

At Marking Systems, Inc. we are industry experts at Custom Designing and Rapid Prototyping Labels, Overlays, Nameplates and Membrane Switches, with knowledge and industry know-how from our more than 50 years in the Durable Label business.

Our experts help our customers design new applications or troubleshoot existing problems.

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We've got you covered.

We work exclusively with OEM's.

When you're rolling out new products or product updates, it’s critical you get production quality prototypes as quickly as possible.

Rapid Prototyping.

We specialize in delivering quality. Fast.

  • One week delivery or less
  • Production quality parts
  • Additional variations for free
  • Low lot cost.

Our sister company,
MSD, Inc.
specializes in Die-Cutting

We are a proud 3M Preferred Converter, One of only five printing companies in the U.S. granted that designation, and the only one who is also a Preferred Die-Cutter.

You can always trust you’re getting the best advice, materials and the most cost effective solution for your application.

We are also an ISO 9001:2015 company with all the certifications a manufacturer requires.

Blue Logo of 3M preferred converter on website of Marking systems in Garland, TX

Quality runs through everything we do.

ISO 9001:2015 UL  CSA  RoHS  Reach  Itar  G-7  Prop 65


Our expertise involves tight cutting tolerances, tight print registration and perfect color matching.


Overlays are critical and give your product its visual representation to end-users. They are oftentimes your product’s first impression and give it “the look”. Overlays are commonly the most identifiable component on your product, directing the end-user around the keypad, often representing what each button will do.

Custom color matching and branding are critical, and we’ve got the technology and experience to do the job. We can also help your designers choose the best materials and functionality for your application.

We work with any type of overlay, including screen prints and digital prints, embossing, custom textures, transparent inks, metallic inks, poly domes, contour cuts, thermal die-cuts and outdoor logos.

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We are experts at the design and manufacture of all types of Membrane Switches. No matter the stage of your design, we can work with you to create a custom Membrane Switch for your application.

We have expertise with a variety of materials and features, including rubber keypads,backlit, Senstouch, sealed membrane, captive touch screen, Duraswitch, deadfront, silver or copper flex, metal membrane keypad, tactile, non-tactile and more.


Our sister company, MSDIECUT, specializes in gaskets, insulators, bonding, & fastening, EMI/RFI, thermal, vibration & cushioning and masking.

We are experts at finding the best material for your application.

Poron gaskets, gap pads, sheilding meterials, adhesives/bonding of substrates and insulation are what we do do, day in and day out.

We’re your trusted partner for all your die-cutting requirements.

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Product identification is a crucial part of most any industry, and nameplates not only do that job, but boost your brand awareness in the process.

We can custom design and create a variety of nameplates, including screen printed,digital printed, embossed, textured, transparent ink, metallics, poly domes, contour cut, thermal die-cut and outdoor logos.

Our experise in adhesives means you never have to worry about your nameplate ever falling off. Have a hard to stick to powder coat paint or plastic?

Ask our experts what 3M adhesive is correct for your application.


Custom information labels are critical to your product, whether they are warning end-users of possible dangers or explain ideal use.

We are a custom label manufacturer.

We can custom design labels for your unique needs, and pride ourselves on perfect color matching for your brand.

Common labels include warning & caution, UL/CSA, thermal printable, tamper evident, variable data, plastic tags and double sided decals.

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Marking Systems, Inc. is a family owned and operated company, started by Henry Van Beber in 1971.

At Marking Systems, Inc. we are honored to be one of only five 3M Preferred Converter printing companies in the U.S. and the only Converter that is both a Preferred Printer and Die-Cutter. We were chosen for this partnership because we have exclusively served OEM’s durable labeling requirements for more than 30 years. We hold every possible certification in our industry, including ISO9001:2015.

Industries served include test & measurement, telecommunications, aerospace, military, electrical distribution, medical, security and more. In most cases we work directly with engineers to develop low cost, high quality labeling solutions.

Not many companies that specialize in membrane switches, overlays and nameplates also do die-cutting. With our sister company, MSDiecut, we do.

A true one-stop-shop.