Durable Custom Product Labels, Graphic Overlays, Roll Labels & Membrane Switches for OEM’s. Many Fortune 500 companies like GE, ABB, Toshiba, Kone Elevators and National Instruments to name a few…

Need help finding the right material and adhesives?

Let MSI’s R&D department find the solutions to your applications.

An AS quality system is a way of life at MSI, not a marketing ploy.

Documenting process, procedure and work instructions ensure tight tolerances and repeatability.

— Specializing in Durable Product Labels for Original Equipment Manufacturers

For over 30 years MSI has partnered with OEM’s to solve the problems and frustrations associated with durable product labels.

Put simply, our team manages your labels from start to finish – Rapid prototyping, Research & Development, color management, expedites, certifications and inventory management.

You design great products… we handle the labels!

Our Certifications

Marking Systems, Inc. has been an approved UL label supplier for over 40 years. Our experts on staff will be happy to walk you through the label design process or help you obtain additional label approvals directly from UL.  Read more….

Our certifications include ISO, UL, CSA, RoHS, Reach, ITAR, PAPP’s and certificates of conformance. Click below to request additional information.

What MSI’s Customers are saying…

(10/29/2020) Hi Tammy and Sheila,

I would like to thank you all of your support around order above. We really appreciate your help and proactive attitude. Please keep us updated!

Have a nice day

Fanni L.
National Instruments

(10/13/2020) That’s awesome! Thank you and your team very much for all the hard work!

Ryon G.
Ditch Witch

(09/04/2020) That is FANTASTIC! A big thanks to you and your team for getting these out so quickly for us.

Ryon G.
Ditch Witch

(09/03/2020) Ryan and Razvan,

I want you to know that we have been very impressed with the level of work you and your team have done for JTECH on this project. From the very beginning you and your company have been exemplary. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thank you!

Sal V.

Hi Tammy,

Fantastic, we really appreciate all your help!

Tom F.
IPS Online

(7/30/2020) This is prefect! Thank you so much for working we me on these, this is exactly why I stick with you guys 🙂

Thank you!


Jamie D.
Synth Graphics

(7/21/2020) After our initial road bump, you have been excellent in rectifying the solution in a very short period in time.  Thank you again.  It’s now our turn to catch up on our orders.

Jason L.
Cevians LLC

(6/17/2020) Thank you Sheila!  You guys are a great supplier and so easy to work with!  We appreciate everything you do for us.

Ann S.
Advantech B+B SmartWorx

(6/2/2020) You’re the best Nickel … thanks for doing this …

Larry G.
KPB Printing

(5/21/2020) Woohoo!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Once again MSI comes through!

Appreciate the Great Customer Service Sheila and crew!

Cathy S.
Advantech B+B SmartWorx

(4/23/2020) Thank you guys for your exceptional service. 😊

Hashif H.
Creation Technologies

(3/27/2020) Once again your company and network of support has provided a value added service and excellent customer service!

Mike M.
SandenVendoAmerica Inc

(3/25/2020) YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!

Thank you very much and have a great evening!!

Mildred K.
ACR Electronics

(3/17/2020) Thanks y’all.  As always you are a shining star in the supplier sky for us.  ☺

Dave C.
National Instruments

(3/16/2020) Thank you all again for your hard work, you all really are amazing and one of the best suppliers I have ever worked with.

Javier S.
National Instruments

(2/27/2020) AWESOME!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! This is great !

Camille A.
Fluence Bioengineering

(2/26/2020) A big thanks to you and your team for getting these decals completed so quickly!

Ryon G.

(2/26/2020) Thanks everyone for the work involved pertaining to this issue. It is greatly appreciated.

Troy K.

(2/25/2020) I very much appreciate your continued hard work and expediting of these labels.

George B.
FM Corporation

(2/13/2020) You guys are awesome! Thank you!

Cheryl T.

Example Prototypes

New product roll outs, product updates and competition make Rapid Prototyping critical these days. MSI will help you quickly turn complicated designs into high quality polycarbonate overlays and nameplates.
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Get School’d with Mr. R&D!

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Trade Show Synergy with 3M and MSDC

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Synergy with 3M and MSDC

Synergy with 3M and MSDC

The month of March saw MSI and our sister company, MSDC work as a team as we travelled to Atlanta, GA to kick off our 2019 Trade Show Circuit! MSDC offers a plethora of die cut solutions, and with them also being a 3M Preferred Converter, they can offer you exclusive...

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