Rapid Prototyping

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Fast, Production - Quality Prototypes that Save Time and Money

Marking Systems, Inc. is your trusted source for production-quality prototypes of labels, overlays, nameplates, membrane switches and more. We work with your engineers to fully understand your requirements and can complete prototypes in just 1-3 weeks, depending on project complexity. We work with a wide range of materials and offer free additional variations to help you limit costs and find the perfect solution for your application. What sets our rapid prototyping program apart is our commitment to quality and our willingness to go the extra mile to deliver prototypes that truly move your business forward.

Our Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

We designed our rapid prototyping program for optimal speed, precision and quality. Our technical expertise and expansive manufacturing capabilities allow us to create outstanding, production-ready prototypes that help increase speed and efficiency in your operation. We offer low lot costs with pricing typically ranging from $150-$500, depending on project complexity, as well as a wide range of color options where applicable.

Durable Labels:

Screen or digitally printed custom label prototypes can be die cut to tight tolerances to create finished labels ready for commercial production.


Our custom overlay prototypes are available for backlit and dead front applications, can be screen or digitally printed and come with finishing options including metallic, embossed and custom texture.


We offer gloss, metallic, embossed, custom texture, doming and many other finishes for custom nameplate prototypes.

Membrane Switches:

Prototypes available for rubber keypad, backlit, captive touchscreen and many other membrane switch applications.


We can create rubber gasket, foam gasket and specialty gasket prototypes for a range of industries.

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1 to 3-Week Turnaround Time
Production-Quality Prototypes
Free Additional Variations
Low Lot Cost

More Printing Options Speed Production

How labels are printed can have a major impact on the product’s final look and performance. Unfortunately, most label manufacturers only offer digital printing on prototypes because it’s cheaper for them to produce. But what if your application requires screen printing? Why waste time and money on a prototype that doesn’t actually meet your needs?

Marking Systems is Different

We only care about helping you get the best quality prototype possible. That’s why we are the only durable label company to offer both screen and digital printing for rapid prototyping. We simply use whichever technique is best suited for your application while maintaining fast turnaround time. That way, once the prototype is approved, you can move directly into production with no additional approvals. This costs us more, but saves you time and money and ultimately helps increase speed to market.

Free Additional Variations

Prototyping is about testing and experimentation, an acknowledgement that you don’t have everything quite figured out. That’s why we run additional variations of prototypes FOR FREE to help our customers understand exactly what is available so that we can find the best solution for a given application.

Don’t compromise on quality. Get production-ready prototypes that move your business forward.

Superior Materials for Superior Products

We can produce custom prototypes for graphic overlays, membrane switches, nameplates and labels in a wide range of materials, including polycarbonate, polyester, vinyl, paper and plastics. Because we only work with OEMs, MSI has one of the largest inventories of polycarbonate and polyester in the durable label industry. We are also a 3M Preferred Label and Die Cut Converter, giving us unique access to 3M’s technical resources. This means all 3M laminating adhesives and VHB tapes are available to our customers, and we can offer guidance on materials selection based on your application requirements.

Work with Us!

When you partner with Marking Systems, you get rapid prototyping services delivered with unparalleled speed, precision, quality and professionalism. We have more than 50 years of experience in the product label industry and employ a wide variety of techniques and technologies to make sure you have the best experience possible.

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