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Laminating is an important part of the die cutting process. You need to get it right. At Marking Systems, we've carefully chosen the TTARP laminating machine to avoid lamination bottlenecks in our die cutting department. Here is more information about this invaluable tool.

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TTARP Laminator

This machine is designed for the automated processing of foam, sponge, rubber, plastic and adhesives. Capabilities include lamination, slitting and rewinding of sheet or roll materials. The TTARP will help MSD automate the laminating, slitting and rewinding of adhesives on foam, rubber and sponge materials such as urethane, neoprene and silicone faster and with higher quality. The TTARP has rotating knife score cutters to cut the material to width as it is being laminated, which will improve efficiency and delivery times on die-cut converted parts.

TTARP Benefits include:

  • Laminate roll or sheet material
  • Laminate one side or two sides at once
  • Semi- and fully automatic sheeting of rolls
  • Eliminate curl and improve adhesion using two sets of silicone rubber-coated pinch rollers
  • Adjustable score cutters for accurate slitting to width
  • Variable torque control for precise rewind tensioning
MSI Die-Cut Converting Capabilities - Laminating TTARP Laminator


Other Laminating Processes

In addition to the automated TTARP laminator, we have the option of in-line lamination on our Preco presses and our rotary press. For tricky jobs that cannot be automated, such as selective placement of adhesive, and assembly requiring custom jigs, we have an extensive hand lamination area as well.

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