3M Preferred Converter

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At Marking Systems, Inc., we are a proud 3M Preferred Converter. We're one of only five printing companies in the U.S. granted that prestigious designation and the only one that is also a Preferred Die-Cutter. That means MSI is the only 3M Preferred Converter for Durable Labels and Die Cut Converting in the same manufacturing facility.

3M named us a 3M Preferred Converter in 2017, but that doesn't mean we can just rest on our laurels. We must earn that designation every year.

The 3M signature of preferred converter

What is a 3M Preferred Converter?

3M calls its Preferred Converters an "elite subset" of the hundreds of 3M Converters working in the marketplace today. We like that term.

A company needs to be nominated for this designation. Basic requirements include company size, longevity, growth, history — they want companies that have been around awhile and have a great track record. Beyond that, here are a few of the standards 3M expects from its Preferred Converters:

Excellence and quality

At MSI, we've been focused on excellence and quality since Day One. Our customers deserve it and expect it. And we expect nothing less of ourselves. But as a 3M Preferred Converter, we're not just representing ourselves out there. We're representing 3M. They need to know their Preferred Converters are committed to excellence and quality.

A reputation for results

3M wants to know its Preferred Converters are delivering superior results to OEMs. And not just in the products we manufacture. But also in things like pricing, service and the whole customer experience. They want companies that are dedicated to putting the customer first.

Product expertise

3M is the undisputed industry leader in adhesives and naturally they expect Preferred Converters to know adhesives inside and out. But it's not just about knowledge of the product. It's about knowing how that product will perform under myriad conditions, uses and applications in order to choose the one right for your product.

Partnering with customers

On their website, 3M states: "3M converter partners are experts in helping you think outside the box and apply solutions that take a variety of formats and offer benefits beyond what you might expect." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. We work with our customers to find ways to meet their unique needs.

Excellence and quality

MSI is a 3M Preferred Converter. What does that mean for you, the customer? It means you'll get:

  • The best pricing, quality and service
  • Decades of expertise and experience with using 3M products in a variety of ways
  • Extensive knowledge of the latest, state-of-the-art new products
  • Access to 3M testing of product durability
  • Questions answered by a real person at MSI, rather than having to call 3M
  • Peace of mind knowing you're working with a company committed to excellence
  • A one-stop shop. As the only 3M Preferred Converter with Durable Labels and Die Cut Converting in the same manufacturing facility, we offer OEMs the convenience of meeting both those needs under one roof.