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Masking, Electrical, Safety

At Marking Systems, we're a 3M Preferred Converter. That gives us and our customers the benefit of working with 3M’s skilled technical department for cost-saving ideas. Our Masking, Electrical and Safety tapes are industry leaders using 3M innovation you can trust.


Masking is often an essential part of the production and finishing process for manufacturers and fabricators. Our die cutting presses produce custom parts for unique masking protection. Die cuts reduce manufacturing costs by providing precise, pre-cut pieces that eliminate hand-trimming and extra assembly time.

These masks are designed for fast application and clean removal. In most paint shops, masking is achieved by applying single strips of tape until the specified area is masked. Die cut masking components drastically improve this process by providing custom masking components to fit the precise shape of the masked area. Die cut masking parts also simplify and speed up the application process utilizing pull-tabs, split liners and oversized liners with alignment holes. MSI/MSD is a 3M Preferred Converter giving us and our customers the benefit of working with 3M’s skilled technical department for cost-saving ideas.

Die Cut Converting Specialty Tapes Masking


Vinyl electrical tapes are available in temporary, semi-permanent or permanent products. Depending on how and where it will be used, you may choose light, medium or heavy duty. They are even available in a variety of colors for identification. Whatever your application, 3M carries a product that is uniquely designed to fit.

3M electrical tapes can be purchased on standard or custom width rolls. They can also be die cut or kiss cut to a liner when you have a unique critical application that requires something a bit more specialized, or you want a cleaner aesthetic.

MSI - Website - 2022 - Die-Cut Converting - Specialty Tapes - Electrical


3M’s line of safety walk materials are designed to help you reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. These mineral and non-mineral coated products are offered in many sizes, colors and textures, along with multi- color, printed and luminescent choices. All designed to help you avoid injuries and reduce costs.

  • 200 Series: For wet, barefoot traffic areas such as showers, tubs, surfboards and around pools or hot tubs.
  • 300 Series: For barefoot and shoe traffic areas like locker rooms, boats, personal watercraft, pools, hot tubs, water skis, exercise equipment and conveyers.
  • 500 Series: For irregular and contoured surfaces like stairs, ladders, loading ramps, platforms, diamond plating and flat surfaces with rivets or screw heads.
  • 600 Series: For light to heavy shoe traffic, flat surface areas like steps, stairways, entrances, ramps, ladders, lawn equipment, snowmobiles, scooters, construction machinery and other vehicles.
  • 700 Series: For extreme industrial conditions, including construction vehicles, ship and plane decks, trains, semi-trailers, oily wet areas, platforms and ramps, machine shops and agriculture.
  • Photo-Luminescent: Used for interior stairways without outside lighting, egresses and for prevention of slips in dark environments.
  • Yellow-Black Visibility: Stands out even more than just yellow, for areas that need increased attention, like marking boundaries and lane marking.
MSI - Website - 2022 - Die-Cut Converting - Specialty Tapes - Safety