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UL Labels by Marking Systems

Information labels are mission critical to your product, whether they're warning end users of possible dangers or explaining ideal use. We are a custom label manufacturer, and can design industrial labels for your unique needs, and pride ourselves on perfect color matching for your brand.

General Information:

  • Common labels include warning & caution, UL/CSA, thermal printable, photo anodized, tamper evident, variable data, plastic tags and double-sided decals.
  • MSI helps customers design information labels for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • We can design labels to resist low temperatures -40F, high temperatures up to 275F.
  • MSI is a 3M and FLEXcon adhesive expert. We can match your label with the exact right adhesive for your application. 3M and FLEXcon have designed hundreds of adhesives designed for both general purpose applications and very exacting specific applications. Need help learning learning more about adhesives such as surface preparation and application techniques? Call MSI and we can walk you through everything you will need to know.
  • MSI works with a wide variety of materials. The most common materials include sub-surface printed polycarbonate, .002 pressure sensitive polyester, .002 and .004 pressure sensitive vinyl and Autotype polyesters.
  • Polyester laminates are perfect for making labels chemical- and scratch-resistant. These laminates also have an outdoor version with expected life of 5-7 years.
  • Where laminates cannot be used MSI can overprint with an 8-year screen printed clear coat for extended outdoor durability.

Scroll down for more information on the various types of information labels available.

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Warning and caution labels are critical to the safety of your customers. Few things are more important to reduce liability than the warnings and caution labels. MSI’s art staff are experts in designing warning and caution labels to ANSI standards.

Typically warning and caution labels used on electronic equipment are designed using a .002 pressure sensitive polyester with a .001 matte or clear polyester over-laminate. This gives your label excellent dimensional stability (polyester does not shrink), chemical resistance and scratch resistance. UV resistant over-laminates can be used for extended outdoor durability.

We commonly use materials and adhesive from FLEXcon and 3M. FLEXcon’s line of DPM and RTS adhesive such as 344 and 606 are excellent for a wide range of surfaces including powder coat paints. 3M's line of 350 adhesive is excellent for low surface energy (hard to stick to) plastics such as polypropylene.

MSI is one of only a handful of companies in the U.S. that can screen print high volume warning and caution labels on a roll. Our Klem roll-to-roll screen printing press can print up to 3,000 impressions an hour on a 12” roll. This press prints, laminates and cuts the label all in one pass, improving efficiency and cost.

Product warning labels


Electronic manufacturers with any application. Our certifications include PGDQ2-Marking and Labeling Systems, PGJI2-Marking and Labeling Systems-Printing materials, PGGU2-UL approved materials from the material manufacturers and PGIS-Marking and Labeling Systems-Limited Use.

MSI is only one of a few label manufacturers in the United States that still has actual CSA certifications directly from MSI has worked with UL and CSA since 1975. We have hundreds of label certifications to help Canadian Standards.

Currently MSI has UL and CSA certifications covering polycarbonate/Lexan, .002 pressure sensitive polyester, .004 vinyl and many different types of paper. We have certifications for screen printing, digital, hot stamp and thermal printing. These certifications included environmental conditions such as chemical exposure, heat and cold resistance and indoor/outdoor.

For a list of our actual certifications, please do not hesitate to request further information from your MSI CSR or sales representative. Either will be glad to help.

UL labels


Many of our customers thermal print their serial number and variable data labels in-house. These labels can include serial numbers, bar codes, model numbers and more. MSI can help you with custom thermal labels designed specifically for your application. Not all off-the-shelf thermal labels can do the job you need. We can help with custom-shaped and -sized labels, as well as custom colors or even special adhesives. MSI has also helped many customers set up or troubleshoot their in-house thermal printing. Our experts can consult on thermal printing devices, print ribbons and thermal printable materials. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call your MSI CSR or sales representative. Either will be glad to help.

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When safety or warranty issues are a concern, tamper-evident labels are an excellent alternative. MSI works with two primary types of tamper-evident labels: “Void” polyester and destructible vinyl. “Void” polyester is typically used for warranty issues when you want to know your customer has opened a product. “Void” polyester will leave the word “void” when removed, leaving evidence someone has tampered with the inside of the product. Destructible vinyl is typically used when a customer wants to ensure a label is not removed and reused on a different product. Destructible vinyl is very brittle and will tear into tiny pieces when removal is attempted.

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MSI can supply any variable data label you might need. Our array of digital printers allows us to produce serial numbers and bar codes, extract data from an excel spreadsheet, and create QR codes and hexadecimal. MSI has the ability to keep track of the numbering after each order to make sure your numbers stay on track.

We can print variable data labels on all types of materials but typically use sub-surface printed polycarbonate or .002 pressure sensitive polyester. Depending on your specifications we can laminate after printing and numbering to ensure your labels are permanent and last the life of the product. We can provide orders with no missing numbers.

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Plastic tags serve a wide range of purposes — from warning labels to product instructions and more. They must be clear, concise, eye-catching and durable to grab customers with this vital information. MSI can provide any type of plastic tag you might need.

Common materials include polycarbonate, card stock, polystyrene and rigid vinyl. These tags can be temporary or as permanent as needed. While not exactly a tag, MSI also produces removable instruction labels on static cling or removable vinyl that can be cleanly removed.

We can produce doubled-sided plastic tags, plastic or paper tags with grommets and plastic tags from .005" - .125" thick.

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Double-sided decals are typically used for glass doors, safety decals, security decals, window graphics or any type of label that needs to be viewed from both sides.

MSI produces double-sided decals with both permanent and removable adhesives.

MSI has manufactured double-sided labels for over 40 years. Because we use an opaque barrier film in between sides, there is no image bleed-through. These labels are produced using both screen and digital printing.

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Photosensitive anodized aluminum allows you to capture rich, photographic quality images inside of metal. This provides unmatched longevity and durability. Photo anodized aluminum is UV durable for up to 20 years outdoors and is impervious to chemicals, heat and abrasion. The photographic process produces high-quality detailed images. Photo anodizing is perfect for any kind of durable bar code or variable data. The image is cleanable, graffiti proof and unaffected by sunlight and abrasion.

Photo anodizing is the most durable printing method on the market today and used primarily for aerospace because of the harsh environment.