Comprehensive Marine Label Services

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Charting the Course With Trust

Marine labels are vital to guide you and your equipment through the harshest environments with assurance. At Marking Systems, Inc., based in Garland, TX, we have been crafting marine labels for years to become the preferred choice for customers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Working in tandem with our customers in the marine electronics industry, we've discovered how crucial high-quality die-cut gaskets, customer interfaces, and product graphics are for marine operations. Our dedication, innovation, and expertise in producing these products make sure your marine devices perform well long-term and can withstand even the most challenging elemental conditions.

Enhance Functionality and Lifespan With Our Products

Whether you need waterproof membrane switches for critical control systems or boat switch labels to ensure seamless operations, our labels help play an important role. We also design marine electrical panel labels that help manage intricate electrical systems onboard. Our labels are essential for safety, functionality, and efficiency on the water. They are designed to withstand harsh maritime conditions and provide reliable performance for the long haul. From labeling switches to organizing your panels, our products are always an ideal choice. Some of our product portfolio includes:

  • Waterproof Membrane Switches
  • Boat Switch Labels
  • Marine Electrical Panel Labels
  • Regulatory Labels
  • Decorative Nameplates
  • Polyester/Polycarbonate Overlays
  • RFI/EMI Shielding Labels

Designed for Durability

When it comes to marine labels, durability is not just a feature. It's a necessity. Our labels are designed to deliver long-term performance even in the harshest outdoor conditions. Supported by our 3M Preferred Converter status, our Research & Development experts have access to the world's best materials, adhesives, and gasket materials. This enables us to provide marine labels that offer superior resistance to harmful conditions. When designing cutting-edge labels and covers, some of the conditions we account for with our marine labels include protection from:

  • Water and Saltwater Exposure – Our labels are created with materials that can prevent water damage and resist saltwater's corrosive effects. This is crucial in any marine environment.
  • UV Rays – Crafted to resist the fading and degradation caused by ultraviolet radiation, our marine labels ensure that critical information and operational markings remain clear and legible, even with prolonged exposure to the sun's harsh rays.
  • Temperature Fluctuations – We engineer our labels to withstand extreme temperature changes, which is crucial for maintaining performance in various climatic conditions.
  • Abrasion and Impact – Rigorous testing ensures our labels can handle physical wear from regular handling and contact with equipment, maintaining their integrity over time.
  • Chemical Resistance – Durability against fuels, oils, and cleaning agents is pivotal for marine labels, and our products are designed to remain unaffected by such substances.
  • Intense Vibrations – Labels for marine equipment must also mitigate the effects of constant vibration, and our materials cater to this need. Don’t worry about labels falling off or losing readability because of vibrations.

Experience Excellence Through Die-Cut Converting

Unleash the power of precision with die-cut converting for marine labels. Die-cut converting involves cutting and shaping materials into specific sizes and shapes to fit your needs. Our die-cut converting service at Marking Systems, Inc. maximizes material usage, reduces waste, and provides an economical solution for producing high-quality, resilient labels that match the unique needs of marine equipment. Whether it’s for intricate gaskets that form watertight seals or sleek, informative nameplates, die-cut converting is integral in creating components that meet the rigorous standards of marine applications. Die-cut converting makes our products more:

  • Efficient – By tailoring each component to fit perfectly, die-cut converting minimizes assembly time to allow for faster production cycles.
  • Customizable – We can cater to the specific aesthetic and functional requirements of any marine equipment with ease using our die-cut technology.
  • Precise – Utilizing advanced die-cut technologies ensures that each label is consistently manufactured to exact specifications, producing uniform quality across all batches.
  • Cost-Effective – With the ability to produce large quantities of labels with precise repeatability, overall costs are reduced without compromising on quality.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Marking Systems, Inc. for your label needs is choosing quality, durability, and precision. With our expertise in die-cut converting and high-grade materials, we ensure our marine labels not only meet but exceed the challenges of marine environments. By partnering with us, you invest in outstanding label solutions and gain a team committed to innovation and excellence. Contact us today to discuss your marine label needs so we can set sail on a journey of unmatched quality and service together.