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Custom Labels for Telecommunications and Electronics

Electronic labels have revolutionized how we label and identify components in the telecommunications industry. These labels are cost-effective, enhance product quality, and reduce inventory. The use of label sets with multiple overlays or labels has become a popular choice among manufacturers, as it reduces production costs and improves overall efficiency.

At MSI, we understand the importance of UL compliance for electronic labels. As a company that has been UL-certified for over 40 years, we deeply understand the stringent requirements and standards that must be met for this type of equipment. We take great pride in our UL compliance and have hundreds of label constructions suitable for any application.

But our services don't end at electronic labels. Our sister company, MSD, specializes in designing critical function parts for OEMs in the telecommunications industry. From gaskets to thermal management, bonding and fastening, and EMI/RFI shielding, MSD has been a trusted partner for many leading telecommunications companies. Our 3M Preferred Converter status means we have access to the best materials, adhesives, and technical expertise for both labels and die-cut converted parts in the world.

Durable Labels

Membrane Switch/Capacitive Touch Interfaces

These interfaces are widely used in telecommunications to provide a user-friendly and responsive way to interact with electronic devices. In telecommunications applications, membrane switches, and capacitive touch interfaces are integrated into control panels, keypads, and touchscreens, allowing users to easily navigate through menus, enter data, and control various functions. These interfaces are designed to withstand the demands of telecommunications environments, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

Polyester/Polycarbonate Overlays

In telecommunications, polyester and polycarbonate overlays are commonly employed to enhance the durability and functionality of communication devices. These overlays are applied to keypads, control panels, and display screens to protect them from scratches, abrasion, and environmental factors. Polyester overlays are well-suited for telecommunications applications due to their chemical resistance, making them highly suitable for environments with exposure to cleaning agents or harsh chemicals. On the other hand, polycarbonate overlays are preferred for their exceptional clarity, impact resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in telecommunications equipment.

Decorative Nameplates

Telecommunications equipment often incorporates decorative nameplates to enhance branding and identification. These nameplates can be customized with company logos, product names, and other design elements, adding a professional and unique touch to the telecommunications devices. By incorporating decorative nameplates, telecommunication companies can establish a strong brand presence and create a visually appealing product that stands out in the market.

Regulatory Labels (UL)

Compliance with safety standards and regulations is crucial in the telecommunications industry. Regulatory labels, such as UL labels, play an important role in ensuring that telecommunication products meet the necessary safety requirements. These labels indicate that the product has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by accredited laboratories, providing reassurance to both users and regulatory authorities. In the telecommunications sector, UL labels are commonly found on devices such as routers, modems, and telephones, ensuring that they meet the necessary safety standards and adhere to regulatory guidelines.

Die Cut Converting


Gaskets play a crucial role in telecommunications by providing a tight and reliable seal between different components. They help prevent dust, moisture, and other contaminants from entering sensitive equipment, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Thermal Management

In telecommunications, thermal management is essential to maintain optimal operating temperatures of electronic devices. Effective thermal management solutions, such as heat sinks and cooling systems, help dissipate heat generated by high-power components, ensuring reliable operation and preventing overheating.

3M Bonding and Fastening Systems

3M Bonding and Fastening Systems offer reliable and versatile solutions for telecommunications applications. These systems provide strong and durable bonds between various materials, such as metals, plastics, and composites. They are ideal for securely attaching components, ensuring structural integrity and long-term performance.

RFI/EMI Shielding

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can disrupt telecommunications signals and degrade performance. RFI/EMI shielding solutions help mitigate these issues by providing a barrier against unwanted electromagnetic radiation. These shielding materials and techniques ensure reliable and interference-free communication in critical telecommunications systems.

Why Marking Systems Inc?

At MSI, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality electronic labels and die-cut converted parts for the telecommunications industry. Our UL certification, coupled with our 3M Preferred Converter status, demonstrates our commitment to quality and compliance.

We understand the unique challenges faced by telecommunication companies in meeting regulatory requirements and delivering reliable products. Our expertise in designing and producing durable labels and critical function parts allows us to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the telecommunications industry and its evolving needs. We are constantly investing in advanced technology, materials, and processes to stay at the forefront of label and die-cut converting solutions.

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With our industry-leading experience and commitment to quality, MSI/MSD is your one-stop shop for all your electronic labeling and die-cut converting needs. Trust us to provide you with the highest quality products that meet UL compliance standards and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help improve your telecommunications systems. So, whether you need electronic labels or specialized parts, choose MSI/MSD as your partner in success.