Custom Resistant Labels

Chemical resistant labels

Solvent, Chemical, & UV Resistant OEM Labels

At MSI, we have years of experience working with the complexities of the oil and gas industry, which comprises a vast network of diverse interests. Compliance with regulations is integral to every facet of this industry, from exploration to product delivery, and our team's and clients' safety remains our top priority.

To ensure regulatory compliance and the safety of your team, we recognize the importance of offering durable, long-lasting, and user-friendly labels. As an industry leader, we take pride in delivering top-notch solutions that meet the unique demands of the oil and gas sector. Our specialized range of high-performance labels and decals is specifically designed to withstand the most demanding applications encountered in the field. Trust us to provide the sturdy, enduring labels you need to thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

Industry-Standard Durable Labels

In the oil and gas industry, labels and decals must endure extreme UV exposure, harsh weather conditions, chemical contact, and more. MSI's durable labels have been meticulously engineered to excel in demanding environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and readability. Our range of durable label solutions includes:

  1. Company Logos

Promote your brand identity and maintain a professional image with custom-designed company logos that stand the test of time, even in the toughest outdoor settings.

  1. Warning and Caution Decals and Signs

Safety is paramount in the oil and gas sector. Our warning and caution decals and signs serve as vital visual reminders, alerting personnel to potential hazards and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

  1. Outdoor Bar Code Labels

Efficient tracking and inventory management are vital in oil and gas operations. Our outdoor barcode labels are designed to maintain scanability and readability for extended periods, enhancing operational efficiency.

  1. 7-10 Year Outdoor Durability

With 7-10 years of outdoor durability, our labels and decals offer unmatched longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing downtime.

  1. Die Cut Converting

MSI's die-cut converting capabilities allow us to create custom-fit gaskets and other critical components for your oil and gas equipment. By utilizing 3M's bonding and fastening systems, we ensure these components remain securely in place, even in the most challenging conditions. Our die-cut converting solutions contribute to enhanced equipment performance and reliability, minimizing the risk of downtime and maximizing productivity.

  1. 3M Bonding & Fastening Systems

With 3M's innovative solutions, we can confidently address the unique challenges posed by demanding applications, extreme environmental conditions, and diverse substrates. Whether bonding dissimilar materials, achieving high-strength adhesion, or ensuring long-term durability, 3M Bonding and Fastening Systems deliver exceptional results.

What Type of Label Do I Need?

Choosing the right label is crucial to the success of your oil and gas operations. At MSI, we understand that each industry segment has unique requirements, and finding the ideal label can be daunting. That's where we come in to assist you in making the right decision and providing the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs. There are a handful of questions to ask yourself before finding the right custom label:

  • How much customization do I need?
  • How durable and reliable do I need the label to be?
  • Do I need to consider meeting safety standards with this label?
  • Does this label need to comply with regulations?

We look forward to helping you create a label that meets all your needs and industry regulations.

Why Us?

For engineers, Purchasing Agents, and OEMs seeking top-notch labels and die-cut converting, MSI/MSD is the ideal choice. Our entire operation is tailor-made with OEMs in mind. With ISO9001:2015 certification, we prioritize detailed documentation and adhere to strict quality processes, ensuring precision and excellence in every product we manufacture. Count on us to deliver high-quality labels and die cuts customized to your specifications, catering to various electronic industries. We invest in upgrading our facilities, equipment, and employee training as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. Our extensive list of satisfied customers includes companies from diverse industries like test and measurement, telecommunications, aerospace, military, medical, and more. Working directly with engineers, we develop cost-effective labeling solutions while maintaining consistency throughout the entire production process. Trust MSI/MSD as your key partner in the supply chain for durable product labels, encompassing overlays, membrane switches, UL/CSA labels, and more.

Partner with MSI for Your Oil & Gas Labeling Needs

When it comes to labeling and identification solutions for the oil and gas industry, Marking Systems Inc. stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Our 3M Preferred Converter status gives us a competitive edge, enabling us to offer the most durable outdoor vinyl materials with UV and chemical resistance. From durable labels to precision die-cut components, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges of the oil and gas sector.

Contact us today to discuss your specific labeling requirements and discover how our high-performance products can elevate safety, efficiency, and productivity in your oil and gas operations. Trust MSI to deliver lasting quality that withstands the toughest conditions in the oil and gas industry.