Vibration & Cushioning

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Sound & Vibration Cushioning

Many machines and devices produce unwanted noise and vibration as they operate. This unwanted sound and vibration can wreak havoc on sensitive electronics and can create unnecessary noise pollution in many environments. Luckily, there are a number of products available to help manage these issues and keep your products operating quietly for long-term use.

MSI/MSD manufactures die-cut components using highly engineered materials that are formulated for sound dampening, vibration damping, vibration isolation and noise reduction.

  • 3M Damping Foil Tapes are self-adhesive, made with viscoelastic damping polymers coated on a dead soft aluminum foil. They are designed for applications where there is a need to control resonant vibrations.
  • Self-adhesive sound deadening pads contain an elastomer that suppresses unwanted noise and vibrations. These pads can be cut to size and applied to structures to dampen sound and vibrations, such as vehicle floors, doors, body panels, and even appliances and HVAC systems.

There are many different foams that can be used for cushioning, vibration damping and impact absorption, depending on your specific application. When you have a product that you need to ensure is protected from damage in the case of a drop, fall, shock or unintentional impact, Rogers Shock Seal, XRD Impact and other products such as cellular silicone foams can be a great choice. If you have an application requiring cushioning or impact protection, our on-staff experts can work with you to determine the right material for your design.


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