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At Marking Systems, Inc., we understand the critical role that warning and safety labels play in ensuring safety and compliance. As a trusted provider of custom warning label services, we proudly serve clients in Garland, TX, as well as throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality warning labels that effectively communicate important information and hazards. Whether you need labels for industrial equipment, consumer products, or any other application, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project and request a quote.

What Are Warning Labels and Why Are They Important?

Warning labels are crucial visual indicators that provide essential information about potential hazards, risks, or necessary precautions associated with a product, equipment, or environment. These labels are typically designed to alert individuals to potential dangers and promote safety awareness. Warning labels play a vital role in various industries and contexts for several reasons:

  • Safety Awareness – Product warning labels serve as important reminders and alerts for individuals, drawing attention to potential hazards and risks.
  • Legal Compliance – Many industries and products are subject to specific safety regulations and standards. Warning labels assist in fulfilling legal requirements by providing mandated information, instructions, or safety warnings.
  • Risk Mitigation – By providing clear and concise information about potential dangers or risks, warning labels help mitigate risks and prevent accidents.
  • Consumer Protection – Warning labels play a vital role in consumer protection, ensuring that individuals have access to necessary safety information before using a product or equipment.
  • Liability Reduction – Properly designed and displayed warning labels can help reduce the liability of manufacturers, distributors, or employers.

Our Warning Label Design Process

In general, custom caution labels employed on electronic equipment are commonly crafted using a .002 pressure-sensitive polyester material, which is further enhanced with a .001 matte or clear polyester over-laminate. This specific combination offers numerous advantages for your labels. Firstly, it ensures exceptional dimensional stability, as polyester exhibits minimal shrinkage properties. Moreover, this choice of materials imparts excellent resistance against chemicals and scratches, ensuring the longevity and durability of the labels. Additionally, if your application requires extended outdoor usage, UV resistant over-laminates can be incorporated to provide enhanced protection against the damaging effects of sunlight and environmental elements.

Our Materials

At Marking Systems, Inc., we have established trusted partnerships with leading material and adhesive suppliers, namely FLEXcon and 3M. When it comes to materials, we frequently utilize the comprehensive offerings provided by FLEXcon. Their DPM (Digital Print Media) and RTS (Ready-to-Screen) adhesive options, such as 344 and 606, are particularly noteworthy for their exceptional performance on various surfaces, including challenging surfaces like powder coat paints. These materials ensure reliable adhesion and durability for your labels across diverse applications. Additionally, we rely on 3M's line of 350 adhesive, renowned for its effectiveness in bonding to low surface energy plastics, such as polypropylene. This specialized adhesive enables secure adhesion even on hard-to-stick-to surfaces, providing optimal reliability and longevity for your labels.

High Volume Production

Marking Systems, Inc. stands out as one of the few companies in the United States equipped with the capability to screen print large quantities of warning and caution labels in a continuous roll format. Our cutting-edge Klem roll-to-roll screen printing press enables us to achieve remarkable productivity, with the ability to produce up to 3,000 impressions per hour on a 12" roll. This innovative press streamlines the entire production process by incorporating printing, laminating, and cutting into a single pass. By integrating these steps, we enhance operational efficiency and optimize cost-effectiveness, ensuring swift turnaround times without compromising on quality.

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When it comes to safety and compliance, there's no room for compromise. Marking Systems, Inc. is your trusted partner in delivering reliable custom warning label solutions. Serving clients in Garland, TX, and across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, we understand the importance of clear and effective communication of hazards and instructions. From industrial applications to consumer products, we prioritize safety at every step. Take a proactive approach to safety by partnering with us. Contact us today to discuss your custom warning label needs and request a quote. Your safety is our priority.