Our Process

At Marking Systems, we are industry experts at custom designing and rapid prototyping labels, overlays, nameplates and membrane switches. With our 50+ years of experience, we have the industry know-how to get the job done.

With our sister company, MSD, Inc., which specializes in die cutting, we're your one-stop shop. We are a proud 3M Preferred Converter, one of only five printing companies in the U.S. granted that designation, and the only company in the U.S. that is also a Preferred Die Cutter. We were chosen for this partnership because we have exclusively served OEM's durable labeling requirements for decades. We hold every possible certification in our industry.

Because we're coming into projects with this vast experience behind us, you can trust you're getting the best advice and materials at the best price for your application.

Our expertise involves tight cutting tolerances, tight print registration and perfect color matching.

We specialize in:

  • Overlays
  • Membranes
  • Die Cuts
  • Nameplates

MSI/MSD process

With our years of experience, we've honed and refined our process to perfection. Here's an inside look at how we do what we do.

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MSI and MSD both have R&D specialists willing and able to help you design the label or die cut part you need for your new project. Our R&D specialists are experts in materials and production processes to make sure you get the right part at the right price. Your sales rep or CSR can help coordinate either a “Teams” meeting or an in-person meeting. We love consulting with our customers to get exactly the right product for their needs.

The Process Materials form Marking Systems Inc


MSI and MSD are both Preferred Converters for many of the material suppliers in the label and die cut industries. While our R&D specialists each have 10+ years’ experience in the field, being a Preferred customer allows them extra access and technical help from these suppliers. We translate that into innovative solutions for our customers.

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MSI and MSD can provide quick turn prototyping. We specialize in it. Whether you need multi-colored overlays or a complicated die cut, we have the equipment and the expertise to supply these prototypes. Our equipment list includes digital blade cutters, laser cutting, laser etching, digital printing and screen printing. We never take short cuts on your prototypes, and get them to you fast. When you approve your prototypes, you are ready for production.

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MSI and MSD both have an extensive planning department. It's the old "measure twice, cut once," mindset. We put a great deal of effort in planning and documenting every step of the production process. As parts are ordered again if needed, MSI/MSD will update the production process as we find better ways to produce your parts to reduce cost or improve quality. Process improvement is a continuous and ongoing effort at our company.

The Process of Packaging in Marking Systems Inc


As part of our standard process, MSI/MSD documents exactly how you want your parts package. Everyone's needs are unique, and you need to get your parts the same way every time. If our customers have not specified the packaging, we will use our 50+ years of experience to make sure you get parts packaged in a way that saves you manufacturing time. MSI/MSD can add P/N tabs, back scoring, rolls or kiss cut sheets to improve your handling of the parts.

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The quality of our work is everything. Our name and reputation depend on it. MSI is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturer with over 50 years of label and die cut experience. Your satisfaction, day in and day out, is our goal. We work especially hard to keep rejects to a minimum. Our rejects historically run to less than 1% of the product shipped to customers. We understand no customer wants to be “line-down” and at MSI/MSD we will do everything in our power to ensure this never happens, even when you might forget to order. We want customers for life and work hard to earn this level of trust.

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Customer service and sales

Every customer will be assigned a dedicated inside CSR and an outside sales representative to ensure you get the service you require and deserve. We work hard to get RFQs and handle orders quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about your orders.
For more information about how we work, don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to talk with you about how we can serve your needs!