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When you're ordering a custom label or other product from MSI, price will likely be high on your list of questions you might ask. The answer: It depends. There are a lot of factors going into the price of any given product, especially if it's custom made.

At MSI and our sister company, MSD, we have 3M Preferred Converter status. We are one of five 3M Preferred Converter label printing companies, and the only one that is also a Preferred Die Cutter. That means we have access to pricing you won't find elsewhere.

Here are some of the variables to consider.

Factors in our pricing

What's behind the costs? Typical factors include quantity, size, materials, adhesives, colors and how it's made.


You're familiar with the "order more and the price per unit goes down" sales philosophy. That holds true at MSI, too, and there's good reason for it. Much of the costs in a typical run involve machinery setup, so once that is handled and the run gets going, the more we make, the price goes down.


Bigger doesn't always mean more expensive, but generally, the more material you need for your application, the more it may cost.

Materials & Adhesives

The materials and adhesives that are right for your product depend on a wide variety of factors, including the environment where it will be used (temperature and moisture play into it), what it will be affixed to (smooth or rough surface), and myriad other factors. As a Preferred Converter, we can get you the best pricing on all kinds of materials like polycarbonate, polyester, vinyl and plastics. The same goes for the types of adhesives that are right for your application.

Label Cutting

Our custom die cut manufacturing services use some of the most advanced equipment available on the market today. We designed our fleet with four different types of machinery to offer our customers greater flexibility to match the ideal process to your unique application.


Durable Domed labels are an excellent method to enhance the look of your product nameplate. Polyurethane doming material is durable and UV resistant for extending outdoor applications. The polyurethane material is also extremely chemical resistant as well. Domed nameplates are printed and cut the same as other labels. The last step in the process is to add the polyurethane doming material. There is no additional tooling required and Dome nameplates can be delivered in the standard label lead time.


Many of our label printing competitors say screen printing is an art. At Marking Systems, we believe printing is a science. By controlling and documenting each step of the process, we can be sure our customers get the high-quality labels they depend on, every time.


Number of colors

Generally, designs with multiple colors can cost more than a single-color design.


Color Matching

The world's leading OEMs have used our innovative label-printing solutions to consistently achieve the perfect color for over 40 years. Our 5-step computerized color matching system ensures our customers' labels are high quality and the perfect color every time. MSI is a leader in color matching and consistency.

These are a few of the factors that go into our pricing. For a quote about your specific project, just give us a call at 972-475-0770 or contact us here.

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