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Marking Systems, Inc. is a family owned and operated company, started by Henry Van Beber in 1971.

At Marking Systems, Inc. we are honored to be one of only five 3M Preferred Converter printing companies in the U.S. and the only Converter that is both a Preferred Printer and Die-Cutter. We were chosen for this partnership because we have exclusively served OEM’s durable labeling requirements for more than 50 years. We hold every possible certification in our industry, including ISO9001:2015.

Industries served include test & measurement, telecommunications, aerospace, military, electrical distribution, medical, security and more. In most cases we work directly with engineers to develop low cost, high quality labeling solutions.

Not many companies that specialize in membrane switches, overlays and nameplates also do die-cutting. With our sister company, MSDiecut, we do.

A true one-stop-shop.

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MSI is a 3M Preferred Converter.
What does that mean for you, the customer? It means you'll get:

  • The best pricing, quality and service
  • Decades of expertise and experience with using 3M products in a variety of ways
  • Extensive knowledge of the latest, state-of-the-art new products
  • Access to 3M testing of product durability
  • Questions answered by a real person at MSI, rather than having to call 3M
  • Peace of mind knowing you're working with a company committed to excellence
  • A one-stop shop. As the only 3M Preferred Converter with Durable Labels and Die Cut Converting in the same manufacturing facility, we offer OEMs the convenience of meeting both those needs under one roof.

Rapid Prototypes

• 1-2 Week Lead Time

• Technical Expertise

• Multiple Versions

• Production Quality

• Low Lot Cost

Durable Label & Die Cut Experts

• Deadfront

• Backlit

• Embossed

• Watertight IP67-Nema 4

• Outdoor Weatherable

• Tight Tolerance

• Color Matching

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We’re good at tight tolerances and higher quality

Do you know what materials will work the best for your needs, how to fit them into your preliminary design, or even what the possibilities are?

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