Marking system's preferred partner 3M, Garland Tx

3M Preferred Converter: The Impact of MSI/MSD’s 3M Alliance and R&D Capabilities In Crafting Superior Solutions


Marking Systems, Inc. (MSI) & MSDiecut, Inc. (MSD) proudly holds the esteemed title of a 3M Preferred Converter, a distinction granted to only five printing companies in the United States. What sets MSI/MSD apart is our exclusive status as the ONLY 3M Preferred Converter that is also a Preferred Die-Cutter. This unique position makes MSI/MSD the top choice for Durable Labels and Die Cut Converting, all conveniently housed within the same manufacturing facility. 

Product Expertise 

Product expertise is crucial for a 3M Preferred Converter. Given 3M’s leadership in adhesives & materials, MSI/MSD must possess in-depth knowledge of these products. It’s not just about understanding the product but also about knowing how it performs under various conditions and applications, ensuring the right choice for each customer’s unique requirements. 

Collaborative Innovation 

Collaboration is key, and 3M emphasizes the importance of partnering with customers to find innovative solutions. MSI/MSD echoes this sentiment, highlighting our expertise in helping customers think outside the box and applying solutions that go beyond expectations. Our collaboration brings together the best of both worlds – 3M’s advanced materials and technologies and MSI/MSD’s deep understanding of client needs and industry challenges. 

Customer Benefits 

For customers, the benefits of working with MSI/MSD as a 3M Preferred Converter are substantial. These include the best pricing, quality, and service; decades of expertise in utilizing 3M products in diverse ways; knowledge of the latest, state-of-the-art products; access to 3M testing for product durability; personalized assistance from MSI/MSD rather than contacting 3M directly; and the peace of mind that comes from collaborating with a company unwaveringly committed to excellence. 

One-Stop Shop Convenience 

Moreover, MSI/MSD’s unique position as the only 3M Preferred Converter offering both Durable Labels and Die Cut Converting within the same manufacturing facility makes it a one-stop shop for OEMs. This convenience translates into streamlined processes and efficient solutions, reinforcing our commitment to providing comprehensive print & die-cut converting under one roof.