Best Label Cost Reduction Idea

Why Are Product Label Sets Such a Cost-Effective Design Tool For Labels?

  • 30% price reduction immediately
  • Improved quality. Product label color matches perfectly on all parts.
  • Reduced handling for purchasing, receiving, and inventory.
  • Reduce mistakes and never leave a label off again.Warning labels and overlays designed by Marking Systems Inc

What Are the Common Misnomers About Label Sets?

  • If I ruin one label I have to throw away a whole set. While this is true, since you are getting a 30% cost reduction, you will have to throw away a third of the order to be back at break even.
  • We do not have time to design the Label Set! No problem, let Marking System’s art department do the work for you. It is fast, easy, and free.
  • I do not put all of the product labels on at the same station. Two possible solutions. #1 have the label set ride along with the product as it is being manufactured or #2 break the label set into multiple sets to be used at different stations.

Variable data labels designed by Marking Systems Inc

Label Sets Are Not the Only Way to Save Money and Make Handling Labels Easier. Don’t Forget Label Tabs.

Label tabs avoid the possibility of misidentifying labels. Most manufacturing companies have multiple product labels that look almost identical and can easily be mistakenly applied. Product label tabs drastically reduce this possibility.

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