Bubble Free Labels

Ever had problems applying a product label and getting bubbles?

Have you ever applied a product label nice and smoothly only to come back a day later and see bubbles from outgassing?

3M has developed a line of performance product label materials with unique micro-channels throughout the structured adhesive. Air flows freely between the adhesive and substrate. Hand-applied product labels go on smoothly and stay that way. When used on injection molded parts, bubbles that form from outgassing can be smoothed to maintain a clean appearance.


  • Outstanding durability. Designed for use for up to five years outdoors.
  • The 3M350 adhesive is the most universal adhesive for label applications. Designed to stick well to all surfaces including metals, high surface energy plastics, and low surface energy plastics.
  • Micro-channels close after 48 hours so the label becomes permanent and durable.
  • Adhesive offers excellent chemical resistance and holding strength, even at high temperatures.
  • Structured adhesive is available on:
    • 2mil gloss silver polyester
    • 2mil gloss white polyester
    • 2 mil brushed silver polyester
    • 4 mil white extended life vinyl
  • Meets EU RoHS Directive.

Recently, 3M has added this feature to the 3M467 and 3M468 laminating adhesives designed for polycarbonate overlays and nameplates.

To learn more about bubble-free product labels and to start your product label printing services, contact us at Marking Systems today.