Case Study: MSI Solves Nighttime License Plate Reading Challenge for Motorola Solutions

Challenge: Motorola Solutions, a leader in mission-critical communication, needed a solution for their license plate recognition (LPR) cameras used by law enforcement. Standard lens covers blocked infrared light at night, hindering the camera’s ability to read plates. The challenge was to create a cover that allowed over 93% infrared light transmission. 


  • Existing lens covers blocked 30% of infrared light, exceeding the desired threshold. 
  • Standard IR inks used in electronics blocked even more infrared light. 

Marking Systems’ Solution: 

Our R&D Director, Razvan Datcu, implemented a two-part approach: 

  • Infrared Ink: We sourced a unique infrared ink with a significantly higher transmission rate. Unlike standard and UV inks, this ink cured via air or heat, making it ideal for the application. 
  • Optical Acrylic: We utilized “Optix,” a highly transparent acrylic known for its exceptional clarity and used in museums to protect paintings. This material offered superior light transmittance without deflection. 


The combination of the unique infrared ink and Optix acrylic exceeded Motorola Solutions’ requirements. The final product allows over 93% infrared light transmission, ensuring unprecedented low light performance for accurate license plate and vehicle make and model recognition 

This case study demonstrates Marking Systems’ ability to develop innovative solutions for complex challenges. Our expertise in material science and ink formulation allows us to deliver results that meet the specific needs of our clients.

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