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Color Matching: The Art and Science of Precision in Labeling

Marking Systems has redefined color matching as more than just a service—it stands as a beacon of our commitment to excellence. With a legacy spanning over five decades, we have emerged as a leader in color management for products like nameplates, overlays, labels, and membrane switches. Our pride lies in the consistent precision we achieve in color matching, ensuring uniformity run after run.

Unveiling Our Precision Color Matching Process

Perfect color isn’t a gamble; it’s a meticulous process honed through years of expertise. Our 5-step color matching process epitomizes our dedication to delivering the precise color our clients envision.

  1. Setting the Standard: Starting off with your provided color standard—whether it’s a plastic or metal bezel or any material—you furnish us with the starting point.
  2. Precision Formulation: Employing state-of-the-art tools from DataColor, we meticulously analyze and calculate the formula needed to attain the exact color match.
  3. Customer Validation: Upon achieving the accurate color match, we present a two-part card to our clients for approval. The color standard and approval card are preserved diligently for future reference.
  4. Rigorous Quality Checks: Our quality department meticulously inspects the initial print before production, utilizing cutting-edge spectrophotometers. This ensures adherence to visual tolerance, maintaining a minimal deviation of +-1 Delta.
  5. Consistent Excellence: The outcome? A superior-quality nameplate seamlessly integrating with your product’s surface. Our commitment to consistency ensures subsequent runs mirror the perfection of the first.

Embracing Technology and Detail

Our team leverages flash spectrophotometers and advanced color-matching software, allowing us unparalleled precision in fine-tuning colors. Each color undergoes rigorous proofing and measurement, guaranteeing accuracy down to a deviation of just 1.

Our attention extends beyond color-matching nuances. We comprehend how colors may vary on diverse surfaces. Whether against a black or white background, we ensure your color sample aligns flawlessly, retaining its integrity and vibrancy.

Precision Beyond Color: Controlling Variables

It’s not solely about the color; it’s about the production environment. We rigorously control various factors, including screen mesh characteristics, emulsion thickness, screen tension, and squeegee pressure. These intricacies form the foundation of our process, consistently exceeding color expectations. Because we print 1st and 2nd surface on such a wide variety of materials of different thicknesses and finishes, we built our own database on our materials.  Although this was very time consuming, it allows us to match any color and maintain consistency using our state of the art color matching software and software.  This ensures that your color will be consistent run to run.  You have our guarantee.

G7 Certification: Ensuring Consistency in Digital Printing

Marking Systems proudly holds the G7 certification, a standard for printing digital files ensuring consistent grayscale appearance and calibration. This certification guarantees your labels, overlays, and membrane switches exhibit consistent colors across different presses, substrates, and reorders.

Benefits of G7 Certification for Our Customers:

  • Color Accuracy: Expect predictable color output across various digital presses and substrates, ensuring consistency across time and reorders.
  • Better Quality: G7 procedures elevate quality control, ensuring consistency and reducing rejects.
  • Saves Time & Money: Reduced rejects mean saved time and money.

In Conclusion:

At Marking Systems, color matching epitomizes our relentless pursuit of perfection. Our 5-step process, coupled with leading-edge technology and unparalleled attention to detail, ensures your colors remain vibrant, consistent, and precisely as intended. We don’t merely match colors; we craft experiences and products that surpass expectations. Trust us as the experts in delivering consistent perfection, run after run, in a world where color matters.