Metallic nameplates: More than just a pretty face

Metallic nameplates aren’t just an eye-catching statement, they are a durable product that stands the test of time. At MSI, we have developed and perfected a production method that enhances our polycarbonate overlays with a beautiful metallic look.

Nameplates are often the most recognizable component of a product. It is crucial to not only display your brand proudly, but to also give off a great “first impression” to potential new customers.

Despite the importance of those eye-catching looks, there are three main reasons why our metallic nameplates are more than just a pretty face:

1. They can be fully customized with screen or digital printing

At MSI, we are experts at creating and designing a variety of custom industrial nameplates, including screen printed, digitally printed, embossed, custom texture, transparent inks, metallic, poly domes, contour cut, thermal die-cut, and outdoor logos.

Our experts can guide you through the process of designing and producing metallic nameplates, and we can also guarantee proper color matching. By using Datacolor software and instrumentation, we stand by our color consistency from the initial prototype through production.

All of this means we’re able to customize your nameplate to your specifications.

2. The design is durable

We have developed a production method that combines our polycarbonate overlays with an eye-catching metallic look. This means that everything is sub-surface, guaranteeing that your screen or digitally printed products stand the test of time.

Metallic nameplates can also withstand extreme temperature ranges, meaning your nameplate will stand strong no matter the conditions.

Whether your nameplate will be exposed to the imposing summer sun or the frigid temperatures of winter, rest easy knowing your MSI product will not waiver in any problematic or strenuous conditions.

3. They’ll stick. Guaranteed

The last thing you want is a nameplate that falls off. We guarantee adhesiveness throughout the life of the nameplate. At MSI, we are experts in adhesives and are proud to be 3M Preferred Converters. We have an enormous stock of 3M laminating adhesives such as 3M467MP, 468MP, 9471LE, and 9472LE just to name a few.

Our metallic nameplates at Marking Systems Inc provide a clean, professional look that is made to last. Interested? Intrigued? We can rapid prototype a model for you. Get started with your prototype by contacting us at MSI. We’d love to help you get started.