New 3M Label Materials

Are you tired of designing your own product labels and nameplates? Are they not having the impact you’d like?

If so, it’s worth a conversation with Marking Systems Inc.!
What if there was a product label company that has new and exciting materials and printing techniques?
Wouldn’t it be great if this label company had affordable and fast rapid prototyping?
Being a 3M-preferred converter gives MSI access to all of 3M’s business units. We found these very cool metallic and carbon fiber materials in the commercial solutions division. Let Marking Systems help you make your products stand out from the competition with top-notch product label printing!

3M has close to 100 similar materials in different finishes and colors. Click the button below to request a sample book or call us at 972-895-3433.

Marking Systems 3M metallic and carbon fiber materials
Metallic label and nameplate options offered at Marking Systems