Next Generation Labels

Ninth Viper Owners Invitational 3D poker chip emblem3DOMES: Experience the Freedom of 3D Doming

Marking Systems Inc. has provided our customers with unparalleled product label printing services to meet all of their labeling needs for over 40 years. Specializing in fabricating high-quality industrial labels and marks, MSI invites you to join a new exciting development: 3Domes.

Ducati 3D company emblemThe Future of Badging, Today

3Domes represent a unique and modern system for producing flexible emblems and trademarks. Thanks to its luxurious and unbeatable eye-catching 3D look, 3Domes are considered to be at the forefront of world badging technology. 3Domes badging is a  type of product label printing that is used by major corporations and industries in markets such as automotive, home appliances, equipment, furniture, fashion, advertising, and promotion.

Whirlpool 3D company emblemFeatures

  • Conforms to curved surfaces
  • Individual stand-alone letters
  • Large and multicolor emblems
  • Flat, rounded, and complex profiles
  • Incredible graphics
  • Low-cost tooling
  • 7-10 years outdoor durability (automotive grade)

Hyundai Blue Drive GPL 3D emblemChrome Elegance

The chrome version brings a traditional appearance to modern flexible design options. The emblem has the appearance of polished or brushed metal but maintains the flexibility required to conform to contoured surfaces.
You can achieve multicolored areas combined with chrome effect features that are not currently available in traditional chrome badges unless the colors are painted or filled in an additional and expensive operation.


Learn more about 3Domes and next-generation labeling at our product label printing company, Marking Systems Inc., today!