Precision Printing/Cutting

The Garrett screen printed product overlay from Marking SystemsWhat this really means is:

  • Print to print (color to color) is ± .010”. This means that your LED and LCD windows line up perfectly on every overlay.
  • Print to cut (colors registered to cutting die) is ± .010”.
  • Cutting dimensions ± .010”.

So how does Marking Systems hold these tight tolerances on your product label overlays or nameplates?

Screen printed parts are printed on a six-color carousel screen printing press that can print up to six colors in one pass and is designed to hold ± .010“ tolerances on color registration.

Digital printing product labels hold perfect color registration making even the most demanding graphics look fantastic. No matter the printing method, our artists at Marking Systems will add registration marks for the cutting presses.

Die cutting machines at Marking Systems

At the cutting stage, we can ensure ± .010” tolerances print to cut because the presses use cameras to register the parts.

These pictures show our Preco automated die-cutting line using the camera to register the printed mark at speeds up to 2000 impressions per hour.

Marking Systems employee operating Preco die cutting machine

These pictures show our Zund digital blade cutter cutting prototypes using a camera to register the printed marks. The blades eliminate the charring you get from lasers on your product labels.

Automatic camera registration means 100% consistency in each order. There is no manual registration. Contact us today at MSI to learn more and start your product label printing services!

 Zund digital blade cutter cutting prototypes for Marking Systems