Case Studies

Thin, square captive touch screen membrane switch from Marking Systems.

Captive Touch Screen

Membrane switch products like the captive touch screen at Marking Systems are excellent solutions for…

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A red and white Duraswitch with a number pad and dial on the front from Marking Systems.


Marketing Systems Inc. offers three quality Duraswitch membrane switch products: ThinCodor Rotor, Push Gate and…

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Side-by-side view of a Dead Front membrane switch from Marking Systems, one is off, the other with the backlight on.

Dead Front

Dead Front membrane switches have a wide variety of applications and come with a multitude…

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Square metal membrane switch from Marking Systems with a power button and an “Acquire” button.

Metal Membrane Keypads

When you membrane switches but work in an unforgiving environment, metal membrane switches at Marking…

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A multitude of membrane switches from Marking Systems with membrane keypads, labels, and other pressable features.

Silver/Copper Flex and Rigid PCB

Our label-making company provides some of the best membrane switches and related products like silver/copper…

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Front view of a sealed membrane number keypad from Marking Systems with numbers 1 through 16.

Sealed Membrane

When you need membrane switch label printing that can withstand adverse conditions, look no further…

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Front view of a SensTouch membrane panel from Marking Systems


If you need membrane switches with a low profile that can be used with gloves…

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A variety of rubber keypad membrane switches made by Marking Systems Inc.

Rubber Keypads

Our rubber keypad membrane switches at MSI are durable, well-made, and affordable solutions. No matter…

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A backlit membrane switch panel with a screen cut out and an assortment of membrane buttons.


Many industries require membrane keypads and membrane switches with backlighting technology. When you are in…

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Membrane switches within a plastic molded case from Marking Systems.

Rubber Keypad with Molded Plastic Case

If you are a consumer electronics producer in need of a quality label printing company…

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