Stunning Digital Polycarbonate Overlays

Digitally printed overlay designed for Coherent SolutionsWant help upgrading the look of your product label overlays or nameplates? Check out this digitally printed overlay. You are no longer stuck always using solid colors. Expand your horizons using MSI’s digital label printing services.

On this overlay, the customer used a very light gradient to take the background color from a light blue/lavender to 100% beige. Also, notice the gradients in the customer logo.

Don’t know where to get started? Our team at Marking Systems Inc. makes it is easy with rapid prototypes of new designs.

Send your CSR an initial blueprint. Once we receive it, we will schedule a quick 10-15 minute conference call between you and our R&D Director Razvan Datcu. MSI prototype orders will always include multiple versions (if applicable) that are production quality at no additional cost. We never skimp! We just want to make great-looking product labels to help you make great products.

The Stunning Digital Polycarbonate Overlays by Marking systemScope of Project: Overlay

Material: .010″ Velvet/Gloss Polycarbonate
Adhesive: 3M467MP
Printing: Digital Printing
Cutting: Digital Blade Cutting
Tolerances: +/-.010″
Delivery: 1-2 weeks ARO
Cost: 10 @ $300.00 lot charge, $50.00 setup, no tooling


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