What Is OEM and Why Is it Important?

The term “OEM” is thrown around quite a bit across a variety of industries and applications. Chances are that you’ve likely heard the term “OEM” used at least once in your life. But what does OEM really mean and how does it apply to the product label industry? In today’s blog at Marking Systems Inc., we’re defining OEM, the difference it means in product labels, and how OEM labels can benefit your business. Keep reading to learn more and be sure to contact us to get started with your OEM product label printing services!

OEM Defined

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In general, OEM is a product or part that was specifically commissioned by the product’s manufacturer to be sold as a part of that specific product. OEM is commonly used in the context of automobile parts. For example, if your car is in need of a new oil pan, you can choose to replace it with the OEM part that is exactly the same as the one it’s replacing. Or, you could choose to replace your oil pan with a different one from a third-party manufacturer that is built to serve the same function but may have been produced differently. In the context of product labels, an OEM label is custom-designed for a single, specific purpose/product.

OEM vs. Third-Party

More specifically, OEM product labels are often specially designed by a product’s manufacturer and then licensed out to a product label company to produce. That product label company in that situation would be producing OEM labels for the business that contacted them to create their labels.

On the other hand, third-party, private party, and ODM are all names for non-OEM products and labels. These are companies that mass-produce a certain type of product to serve a function. If that function matches the needs of your business, their template can be filled in using the information from your company. In some cases, third-party products and product labels can save you money since you aren’t creating something completely custom, but you run the risk of improper fit and function, and a templated look.

Benefits of OEM Product Labels at MSI

Perfect Fit and Function

When you choose OEM product labels for your needs, you can be certain that, because it was specifically designed for your use-case, it’ll fit and perform flawlessly. Rather than altering the product label template to fit your product’s needs, OEM product labels are created from start to finish with your specific purpose in mind. Many businesses prefer this because there are no compromises and no hoping that the third-party label will work for their specific applications.

Peace of Mind

When your product labels fit and function exactly as they’re supposed to, it can certainly provide you with peace of mind. There is no guesswork, no hoping that the third party’s template will fit and work properly, and no headaches. With OEM product labels from Marking Systems Inc., you can feel confident that your product labels will work, look, and fit precisely how they are meant to.

Complete Customization

We touched on this a little bit early, but when you choose OEM product labels, you have complete and total control of the design from start to finish. With OEM, there are no compromises, just complete creative freedom. With OEM product labels, the sky is the limit. You aren’t subject to the same restrictions, specifications, and predetermined design work that you are when you choose third-party product labels.

OEM Product Labels at Marking Systems Inc.

When it comes to OEM product labels, there is no better labeling company than Marking Systems Inc. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses and industries of various sizes and demands create the perfect OEM product labels to meet their specific needs. We hope that you have found today’s blog helpful and informative! Please be sure to keep us in mind for all of your product labeling needs. We are capable of creating nameplates, overlays, info labels, membrane switches, die-cut labels, and more. If you have any questions for MSI or want to get started with your prototype, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.