Great Looking Nameplates Ideas

Polyurethane Dome Nameplate

Great for both indoor and outdoor (7-10 years) applications. Great for applications ranging from Automotive to Electronic equipment.

Polyurethane Dome Nameplate with Embossing

Add another level of dimension by embossing your logo.

Polyurethane Dome Nameplate with Embossing

Add another level of dimension by embossing your logo.

Screen Printed Velvet Polycarbonate

One of the most popular nameplate types. These nameplates are under printed for durability against chemicals and scratching. Combined with 3M laminating adhesives, you cannot go wrong. Screen printing is the best label printing method when your colors must be a perfect match.

Garrett digitally printed velvet polycarbonate nameplateDigitally Printed Velvet Polycarbonate

This nameplate has been sub-surface printed digitally for durability and good looks. With digital product label printing, the number of colors is no longer a factor.

YETI aluminum nameplateSub-Surface Printed Metallic Polycarbonate

This nameplate was designed to replace a top-printed .010 aluminum nameplate. It solved two big problems with the aluminum nameplate:

  • Sub-surface printing eliminated scratching
  • Polycarbonate was much easier for the production team to work with and apply, saving both time and waste
    If the aluminum plate was bent in the application process the part would lift off over time.

Phreesia contour cut velvet polycarbonate nameplateContour Cut Velvet Polycarbonate

Sometimes you do not want the nameplate to look like a nameplate but rather you want it to blend in with the product better. Contour Cut Velvet Polycarbonate product label printing is the answer.

WatchGuard embossed velvet polycarbonate nameplateEmbossed Velvet Polycarbonate

Add dimension to the most popular type nameplate in the industry. This feature is low-cost and easy to add.

Sub surface printed metallic polycarbonate nameplateSub-Surface Printed Metallic Polycarbonate

While the above is actually an overlay, we thought it was way too good-looking to leave off our nameplate newsletter. In this case, the metallic feature is brushed and looks stunning with the printed silver ink. This type of label printing is durable and easy to work with.

Frosted Brass Nameplate

All we can say is “beautiful”.

Embossed Aluminum

Great looking and durable.

Etch and Fill Metal

Great looks and incredible durability.

Molded Rubber Nameplate

These nameplates can either be pressure-sensitive for flat applications or stitched on fabric-type products.

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