Doming your product labels with Marking Systems Inc. (MSI) gives your brand a competitive edge.

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Product labels have come a long way over the past few decades. Years ago, label printing was a difficult process that produced more simplified results. In the 1800s, label printing became a more common practice, but it wasn’t until the commercialization of barcodes in the 1980s that product labels became an everyday item. Technology has allowed us to take this a step further, integrating our doming service into our already competitive label printing company.



We can elevate the appearance of a label with doming. Your brand’s logo is the first thing a customer sees. They often build relationships with you based upon how quickly they can remember or recognize your logo. When your product label has doming added, there is a layer of protection on it but there is also an emphasis on aesthetics with its “dome” shape. Three-dimensional shapes are certainly hard to forget, as they stand out more against your competition.


We create the dome shape by pouring liquid polyurethane over your label. As it flows, it will reach the label’s edges. Eventually, this forms the dome. Then, we take your brand’s aesthetic choices to add colors to the substrate materials. We have a variety of color options available, allowing brands to choose ones that best fit them. Finally, we use adhesive and protective liners to complete the process before shipping your labels.



Of course, there are aesthetic benefits to doming your product label. The three-dimensional look draws customers to your label effortlessly, but the magic lies beyond your domed label’s shiny coating. There are tactile benefits to doming as well, honing in on each of your customer’s senses. They also become more durable as a result of doming, ultimately allowing your brand to become unforgettable.


This family-owned business has been operating since 1971. With more than 25 years of experience, we have truly mastered the art of label printing, creating nameplates and more. We dedicate our time to remaining innovative, constantly staying ahead of technological advancements. Currently, we are one of only five 3M Preferred Converter printing companies in the entire United States.


If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, our doming service is right for you. Your brand’s logo will speak directly to your audience, allowing them to easily recognize you from the moment they see your label. Contact Us to receive a quote for your doming project today!

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