Label Printing

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Many of our label printing competitors say printing is an art. At Marking Systems, we believe printing is a science.

By controlling and documenting each step of the process, we can be sure our customers get the high-quality labels they depend on, every time.

Repeatability is the key to our success!

We spend considerable time and money upfront to document the entire product label manufacturing process. We do this because our customers want all of their labels, regardless of type, to be exactly the same from production run to production run.

All our customers display their branding with pride as well as building their entire marketing approach around consistent brand identification. It's extremely important that their customer sees the exact same icons, shapes, and colors that associate with their brand on every label.

We are always proud to show off our facilities/capabilities and invite all our customers to come and see what we're all about.

MSI - Website - Processes - 01 - Label Printing Processes - Sheet Fed

Marking Systems is a leader in screen printing tight tolerance sub-surface polycarbonate nameplates, overlays, and membrane switches.

Our six-color carousel printer produces high quality/tight tolerance parts (+ or - .010) print to print, print to cut, and cutting dimensions in a fraction of the time more traditional single-color presses can.

We are experts at low cost, high-quality multi-color overlay and nameplate label printing.

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Marking Systems is one of only a handful of companies in the USA that can screen print roll to roll. This million-dollar press was designed for high volume product labels such as warning/caution, thermal printable labels, and sub-surface polycarbonate nameplates.

This press is very economical for production quantities above 5,000 and has completed jobs up to 500,000 pieces.

Label printing in this manner ensures long-lasting durability in the most extreme outdoor environments.

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Hot stamping provides economical printing of simple one- and two-color labels printed on pressure-sensitive polyester, vinyl, and paper in quantities from 100 to 25,000.

Having printing, laminating, and die cutting all in line means fast production and deliveries label printing services at a very low cost.

These laminated labels are extremely durable and in most cases, UL- and CSA-certified.

MSI - Website - Processes - 01 - Label Printing Processes - Digital Printing

Since 2002, Marking Systems has been a leader in digital label printing of tight tolerance sub-surface polycarbonate nameplates and overlays.

Tolerances of (+ or - .010) for print to print, print to cut, and in cutting dimensions ensures you have the form, fit, and function you expect.

Our G-7 certification means true and accurate reproduction of your digital files. The G-7 method is a printing procedure for visually accurate label printing color reproduction on all thicknesses of polycarbonate, polyester, vinyl, and paper.

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Need a full-color print on your product? Want more colors on your product label but don't want to pay more?

Have multiple prints for the same bezel and want a group price? Still need ASTM D3359, Class B durability?

Digital Pad Printing is the answer.

Marking Systems can now print directly on a plastic bezel with the same or better durability than traditional pad label printing.

MSI - Website - Processes - 01 - Label Printing Processes - Direct Laser Printing

Our new SpeedMarker Laser was designed to efficiently engrave metals and plastics. It provides the most permanent and durable marking available for applications like barcoding datamatrix codes, serialization, and deep engraving.

Nothing is more permanent.