Is your industry moving faster every day? New product roll outs, product updates and competition make RAPID PROTOTYPING critical these days.

Let MSI help you QUICKLY turn complicated designs into high quality polycarbonate overlays and nameplates.

We build the prototypes fast and exact! We will use the correct material, use screen printing or digital technology depending on how the ultimate production will be done and cut the parts to a +-.010” tolerance. Our prototypes are production quality so you can launch your product fast.

Need help deciding what materials and adhesives to use? Want to see more than one version to make sure you get the look you want? Razvan Datcu MSI’s R&D Director will work hands on with you to make sure you get exactly what you need when you need it.

The attached prototype was made using:
Material: .010 90% Gloss Hard-Coat Polycarbonate
Adhesive: 3M467 selectively applied
Printing: Screen print, 5 colors, plus selective
texture around LCD window
Cutting: Zund-Digital blade cut
Delivery Time: 5 days ARO

How can MSI produce production quality prototypes this quick? Take a look.

Our 6 color carousel screen printing press puts up to 6 colors on in one pass while our Zund digital blade cutter uses camera registration to perfectly align the printing with the cutting producing a polycarbonate overlays with tolerances of +-.010. All of this was done quick!