How to Cut Thick Lenses

The meta beam laser machine, Garland Tx

MSI’s new 400-watt laser is perfect for cutting polycarbonate/polyester lenses up to .25 thick. The product label materials that this laser can cut cleanly and efficiently include: .25 thick Polycarbonate .125 thick Stainless Steel .090 thick Aluminum .25 thick Mild Metal 1″ Thick Plastics Our new Coherent laser features 100% automated camera registration for a…

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Understanding UL Burn Testing

The diagram of Horizontal Burning Test by Marking Systems, Garland TX

At Marking Systems, the safety of our products is a top concern. Our materials for labels and overlays are rigorously tested so we know they’ll stand up to a variety of temperatures and conditions. One of the most crucial tests out there is the test for flammability. Our materials must pass the UL 94 test…

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When Labels Don’t Stick

The label of Warning to avoid personal injure

What are the main reasons product labels do not stick? Here are the most common that Marking Systems Inc. has found for product labels not sticking over our last 40 years of experience: Using the wrong adhesive on the application surface. Even the best adhesives can fail if they are used on the wrong surface.…

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Great Looking Nameplates Ideas

A name plate printed with CYBEREX from Marketing system Inc

Polyurethane Dome Nameplate Great for both indoor and outdoor (7-10 years) applications. Great for applications ranging from Automotive to Electronic equipment. Polyurethane Dome Nameplate with Embossing Add another level of dimension by embossing your logo. Polyurethane Dome Nameplate with Embossing Add another level of dimension by embossing your logo. Screen Printed Velvet Polycarbonate One of…

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Simple But Practical Label Ideas

A warning labels by Marking Systems, Garland Tx

The Best Product Label Ideas are the Simplest Product Label ideas! Check it Out! Use part number tabs… Reduce mistakes and improve efficiency and traceability by adding a part number tab on all your product labels, overlays, and nameplates (when possible). This simple idea can save you time, money, and headaches! Bar code your labels…

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Best Label Cost Reduction Idea

Why Are Product Label Sets Such a Cost-Effective Design Tool For Labels? 30% price reduction immediately Improved quality. Product label color matches perfectly on all parts. Reduced handling for purchasing, receiving, and inventory. Reduce mistakes and never leave a label off again. What Are the Common Misnomers About Label Sets? If I ruin one label…

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Eliminating Newton Rings

Newton Rings

If you’re an OEM, you have likely heard about, or been bedeviled by, Newton rings. Also known as Newton’s rings, they are a common phenomenon in which a series of concentric circles, or rings, is formed by light reflecting between a curved surface and a flat surface. You might be thinking, are they named after…

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Multilayer Foam Inserts

Multilayer Foam Inserts by Marking Systems

What are Foam Inserts? Foam inserts are custom cut shapes that fit into a case and hold in place different objects either during transportation or to help as organizing tools. How are foam inserts created? Cut multiple layers of foam to achieve the depth and shape of the object/tool that needs to fit inside the…

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We Know Velcro

A White color Velcro by Marketing system Inc, Garland TX

What is Velcro? Velcro is a hook and loop tape that comes in various thicknesses and colors and is typically used for temporarily fastening and securing objects. What Does Velcro Have To Do With Marking Systems Inc.? We are equipped to print product labels on a wide variety of materials including Velcro! When you have…

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Clear Lenses

The clear Lenses overlays by Marking systems

For clear lenses on your product labels, separate the lens and the 3M VHB adhesive. Manufacturing overlays with a clear window is a difficult task for any product label printer, even MSI. The pictured lens is made from a .080 hard-coated polycarbonate. The problems happen once the protective masking is removed from the print side.…

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