Hook & Loop Fasteners

The Hook & loop fasteners by Marking Systems

We’ve all seen and used VELCRO® —  the trademarked name of hook-and-loop fasteners, touch fasteners or hook-and-pile fasteners. You probably know how they work. Two strips of fabric, usually made of nylon. One strip has hooked threads and the other has a course surface of loops. When pressed together, they create a strong but temporary…

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Dead Front and Backlit Overlays

Backlit Overlays by Marking Systems

At Marking Systems, custom overlay manufacturing is one of the main parts of our business. They’re the most recognizable component on your product and give it the “look.” They’re your first impression! And you know what people say about first impressions. That’s why overlays are so important. But that’s not the only reason. Sure, they’re…

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Metallic nameplates: More than just a pretty face

The Metallic nameplates: More than just a pretty face by Marking system

Metallic nameplates aren’t just an eye-catching statement, they are a durable product that stands the test of time. At MSI, we have developed and perfected a production method that enhances our polycarbonate overlays with a beautiful metallic look. Nameplates are often the most recognizable component of a product. It is crucial to not only display…

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UL Labels

UL Labels by Marking Systems

What you need to know about UL labels UL Labels, or Underwriters’ Laboratories labels, are used to display safety-related information on products. This can vary from warnings, electrical ratings and installation instructions to any number of other important pieces of information to be displayed to the consumer. At MSI, we have been working with UL…

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Labels (Adhesives) for Powder Coat Paint

Love the look of powder coats instead of traditional wet paint on your products? Many people do. It looks sharp! Why do OEMs choose powder coating over traditional wet paint? Here are a few key differences: Powder coats are durable, resist chipping or wear and tear, and can stand up to the elements. While traditional…

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What Is OEM and Why Is it Important?

Blog FI product labels by marking system

The term “OEM” is thrown around quite a bit across a variety of industries and applications. Chances are that you’ve likely heard the term “OEM” used at least once in your life. But what does OEM really mean and how does it apply to the product label industry? In today’s blog at Marking Systems Inc.,…

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Our Services At Marking Systems

At Marking Systems Inc., we provide our customers with unparalleled value through our wide variety of services. We offer more than 50 years of experience, and more than 25 years of experience working closely with OEM manufacturers. You can rest easy knowing that we can provide you with the quality product label services you need…

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Label Lamination

The workers doing Label Lamination from Marketing system Inc

  Let’s talk lamination! It’s a big part of our business here at Marking Systems, and an important service for our customers. As we’re fond of saying, your product’s label is your first impression. And you know the old adage about first impressions — you never get a second chance to make one. If your…

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All About Polycarbonates

The Polycarbonate Nameplate by Marking Systems

Everything you need to know about Polycarbonate Polycarbonate, also known as Lexan, is an excellent material to enhance the look of any product. No other product label offers as many finishes or thicknesses. It is widely stocked (fast deliveries), easy to process (lower cost), and aesthetically pleasing. Types of Polycarbonate Product Labels Standard Graphic Films:…

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Next Generation Labels

3D Doming by Marking Systems

3DOMES: Experience the Freedom of 3D Doming Marking Systems Inc. has provided our customers with unparalleled product label printing services to meet all of their labeling needs for over 40 years. Specializing in fabricating high-quality industrial labels and marks, MSI invites you to join a new exciting development: 3Domes. The Future of Badging, Today 3Domes…

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