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Gasket and sealing, Garland Tx

Mastering Gaskets: An Essential Guide

By Niko Ramyar / December 29, 2023

In the realm of product design, engineers often overlook the significance of gaskets until the final stages. These seemingly small components, however, are integral to a product’s performance and longevity. Gaskets play a pivotal role in protecting equipment and assemblies from environmental factors like rain, dust, shock, and vibration. Considering gaskets early in the design…

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The Hook & loop fasteners by Marking Systems

Hook & Loop Fasteners

By Admin User / September 26, 2022

We’ve all seen and used VELCRO® —  the trademarked name of hook-and-loop fasteners, touch fasteners or hook-and-pile fasteners. You probably know how they work. Two strips of fabric, usually made of nylon. One strip has hooked threads and the other has a course surface of loops. When pressed together, they create a strong but temporary…

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The many people in company meeting

On a Bright, Sunny Day in the Alamo City

By Admin User / November 18, 2020

Marking Systems and Marking Systems Die Cut teamed up with Frozen Beverage Dispensers (FBD) for an afternoon Lunch & Learn at their beautiful facility in San Antonio. They ate. We talked…

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