Experts in Color: The G7® Impact

At Marking Systems Inc. (MSI), we understand the critical role color consistency plays in digital printing, especially for durable labels, overlays, and membrane switches. This is where our G7 Master Facility certification comes in – a globally recognized standard that sets the bar for color management and press control in printing facilities. What is G7®?…

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UL Labels: Don’t Let Them Stall Your Production or Reputation

Don’t risk production delays, fines, or damaged reputation due to non-compliant labels. Partner with Marking Systems, Inc. (MSI) and ensure your UL labeling needs are handled by experts. It’s not just the product itself that needs to be certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a leading safety certification organization. The label itself needs to be UL-approved…

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Case Study: MSI Solves Nighttime License Plate Reading Challenge for Motorola Solutions

Challenge: Motorola Solutions, a leader in mission-critical communication, needed a solution for their license plate recognition (LPR) cameras used by law enforcement. Standard lens covers blocked infrared light at night, hindering the camera’s ability to read plates. The challenge was to create a cover that allowed over 93% infrared light transmission.  Difficulties:  Existing lens covers…

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Unleashing Efficiency: How Die-Cut Solutions and 3M VHB Can Boost Your Manufacturing Productivity

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, every second counts. Streamlining your assembly process and maximizing production efficiency are crucial for staying ahead of the curve. At Marking Systems Die-Cut (MSD), we understand these challenges and offer innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals. Beyond the Standard: Die-Cut Solutions for Efficiency Traditional methods like screws, rivets,…

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Unveiling the Magic Behind Backlit, Dead Front, and Invisible Ink Overlays

At Marking Systems (MSI/MSD), we understand the power of first impressions. That’s why we take custom overlay manufacturing seriously, ensuring your product not only looks its best but also functions flawlessly. We offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs, including backlit, dead front, and invisible ink overlays. What are Dead Front Overlays?…

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3M Preferred Converter: The Impact of MSI/MSD’s 3M Alliance and R&D Capabilities In Crafting Superior Solutions

Marking system's preferred partner 3M, Garland Tx

Introduction  Marking Systems, Inc. (MSI) & MSDiecut, Inc. (MSD) proudly holds the esteemed title of a 3M Preferred Converter, a distinction granted to only five printing companies in the United States. What sets MSI/MSD apart is our exclusive status as the ONLY 3M Preferred Converter that is also a Preferred Die-Cutter. This unique position makes…

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Color Matching: The Art and Science of Precision in Labeling

A Durable color matching labels, Garland TX

Marking Systems has redefined color matching as more than just a service—it stands as a beacon of our commitment to excellence. With a legacy spanning over five decades, we have emerged as a leader in color management for products like nameplates, overlays, labels, and membrane switches. Our pride lies in the consistent precision we achieve…

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Mastering Gaskets: An Essential Guide

Gasket and sealing, Garland Tx

In the realm of product design, engineers often overlook the significance of gaskets until the final stages. These seemingly small components, however, are integral to a product’s performance and longevity. Gaskets play a pivotal role in protecting equipment and assemblies from environmental factors like rain, dust, shock, and vibration. Considering gaskets early in the design…

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